Cancellations and the Game

GSYSL Clubs and Coach's

The league is seeing an increase of teams not willing to show for games especially at younger ages when they are short of players. Our question as a league is this

  • If you have made a commitment to the players, as a club, team and coach, should you not be asking the players to make the same commitment?
  • If you as a club and coach have made a commitment to the league , players and parents, should you not make every effort to meet your commitments and play the game, even if it means you forfeit the outcome but give the players the opportunity to play?
  • Is it better to play "a game" or "no game". If you are short players go to the game share players and play. This is what the game is really about... you all know the saying the game is the teacher!
  • Please take into consideration the "good of the game" in these circumstances. Keep in mind the players want to play ... wining or losing while important isn't everything. It's about the game!

For the good of the game

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