EDP Merges with GSYSL

After many years of developing EDP (Early Development Program) and growing it to over 60 teams we have decided to look for long term solution for the program which ensures that the program continue its mission of developing players at young ages.  Also at stake was the desire to find a way to improve the program while maintaining the current standards EDP offers.  Since this work came down to one person the ability to grow or improve upon the program was nearly impossible.  Thus we sought out an organization to take over the management of the program, provide a centralized web presence and a support network that will help us improve and grow. 


Last summer I solicited the help of GSYSL to handle the scheduling and registration process of EDP which I believe was a huge improvement over the past.  GSYSL gave us a place to post our schedule, contacts, maps, etc, something that EDP never had in the past.  For that reason, it was decided that GSYSL would be a logical choice to take over the EDP program and give me time to work with you to improve upon it.  Effective immediately GSYSL will assume the running and management of EDP going forward with me staying on as director of the program.  I want to work with the individual clubs to improve upon the program, help some clubs develop their programs and expand it to include more regional clubs who are looking to get involved in EDP.  With the support of GSYSL we have that opportunity which is needed.


We would like to start with a meeting on Monday June 15 at 7:30 The Yard Restaurant in the Garden Room (1199 S Mammoth Rd Manchester, NH 03109-5101) where we want to meet with the club directors, coaches and interested parties to evaluate the current program and discuss ways we can improve upon it.  We want and need your input to make positive changes to the program and I encourage you to get involved.  This impacts all clubs as these are your future players for the next 10 years.  Please forward this to your EDP coaches and I look forward to seeing you on June 15.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail.


Mark Barnard

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