Fall / Spring Team Registration

Team Registration is required each season through the GSYSL web site.

GSYSL requires Clubs to Register Teams on the GSYSL web site for Seasonal play. In order to do so, Clubs simply need to do a couple of steps.

1. Existing teams will re-activate their team each season (as you have in the past). GSYSL Team Registration Instructions

2. Fall season requires a simple edit i.e. ASC_B_U12_8_AB to ASC_B_U13_AB (as you have done in the past) and update the teams competing age. Spring Season requires you to simply ACTIVATE your fall team or Edit and activate a new Spring team.

3. New teams are created by a simple one line submission, then add the team contact or coach "under Coach or Team Contact" correct phone and email are important

4. Only one person (either coach or point of contact will be required to "register as a user' on the league site to be associated with the team for the season. If they are not already registered. If any other coach or manager wishes to receive league communications they will need to register also (optional). This person should be listed as Coach or Team Contact on the Team Registration Menu. IF A COACH HAS MULTIPLE TEAMS HIS/HER INFORMATION SHOULD BE LISTED TO IDENTIFY SCHEDULE CONFLICTS.

5. Registration for Assistant Coach's and Team Managers is no longer required as roster and cards are being produced thru USYSA.

The only other registration requirements would be for updates if any.

  • New Club Registrars
  • New Club Location Managers - Please contact Steve Lewis at as this requires an additional internal update
  • New Club Officers (Club President, Club VP & Club Treasurer)

These simple steps are required for game scheduling and communication purposes. If a "User" is already registered on the GSYSL web site there is no need to do anything for the upcoming season as that "user" will appear in the team drop down menu if properly registered on the GSYSL web site.

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