Referee Payment on the Field

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Due to the recent scrutiny of the IRS on Non Profit Organizations such as Youth Sport Clubs. GSYSL recommends the following proceedure be used when paying Referees on the field. Please understand this is for your clubs protection if an audit were to be done by the IRS of your Clubs expenditures.

Just to clarify a few points up front-
The League recommends that clubs provide a form by which the Club as the Payor of the Referee Fee records the Name of the Referee and the amount paid to the Referee prior to the match in order that the payor have an actual record of the amount paid out.

There is no need to request a w-9 be signed or a SS# recorded at the field. If at the end of the season or year your club treasurer has a referee that was paid in excess of the IRS threshold of $600 (which is highly unlikely) the league will provide you with a copy of the Referees W-9 form for your records and in order for your club to issue a Misc 1099.

Click here for a sample form that can be used to capture the necessary information for Payment of the Referee on the field

Club Referee Payment on the Field Form

Additional Suggestion:

If you have access to Google Doc's you can set up a simple Form to correspond with the payment form for the Coach or Team Manager to submit the information. this will facilitate the collection of data in one place and allow your club treasurer to view, organize, and sort the expenditures made on the field by the various teams.