Season Start - Things to Review

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As the season is about to start please read and review the following information prior to your first assignments.

Team Check In:

All matches the referee will check in teams based on a “Stamped State Roster” and “USYSA Player Cards”. All Coaches who wish to remain on the team side line as a coach MUST provide the referee with a USYSA Coaches Pass provided by the GSYSL League Registrar and be listed on the “State Stamped Roster”.


U-11 and above. THE REFEREE GAME SCORE CARDS ARE DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE STANDINGS. BE SURE TO REPORT YOUR GAME SCORES ACCURATELY AND WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE COMPLETION OF YOUR GAME. (The league must have full compliance to online game card submission by the referees. This is considered part of the job which the teams in the league are paying you for.) If you cannot  submit the game score online. PLEASE e-mail or call 881-7597 and leave the information be sure to leave your name and phone # and all pertinent game information (Date/ score/ game #/ time and location). Failure to report your score may result in future assignments being rescheduled. NO SCORE REPORTED...NO MORE ASSIGNED GAMES.


All referees will be paid on the field ½ pay by each team. Know the amounts you are due based on the age group you are refereeing (see referee fees on the web site). You are responsible to collect your fees prior to the game. The home coach will still provide a “game card.” This will be a 3 part form. The white and yellow go to the coaches as receipt for payment only. The postcard portion is retained by the center referee and MUST be entered online within 48 hours of the match. If for some reason you were not paid on the field (this should not happen) contact me the within 24 hours of the match. I will give you the information on whom to contact from the clubs to collect your money. The league will not collect your fees. Remember: Center Referee's submit your game cards online. See Referee Fees on the web


are to be filled out for cautions / ejections or injuries only. One copy goes to Mark Sadler at and the other to me at Player cards taken for ejections MUST be sent to me immediately. YOU MUST FILL OUT A USSF FORM FOR INJURIES. THIS IS MANDATORY. This is an insurance issue for your protection as well as the protection of the injured player. Incidents or Issues, Behavior of Coaches or Spectators need to be documented in a USSF Report in addition to reported on the game card. Also, please notify me by e-mail regarding any issues of player, coaches or spectator conduct. See GSYSL Zero Tolerance Policy

No Referee Available Page

will be used to advertise available games. You will find this by clicking on the Referee link at the web site. At the bottom of the page click submit. There you will find a list of all games needing referees. This is in real time and is updated as e-mails or phone calls are received to request these games. Call or e-mail me at if you are interested in filling a game. I will confirm the assignment by phone or e-mail. Games cannot be assigned until your availability (dates and/or location') has been updated to match your request. Please resend your request after you have updated your availability for this game Availability must be updated in order for games to be assigned. I will no longer do this for you.

Mentors are available upon request

Any referee who would like to have a mentor come out to watch your games, contact Howard Houle at, Jack Merriken at , Bob Huston at or Steve Lewis at arrangements will be made. Please give us ample time to set this up.


for a match you cannot make. It is your responsibility to find a replacement for a game you have been assigned and cannot make. PLEASE NOTIFY ME OF ALL CHANGES. If you cannot find a replacement contact me. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE A MATCH. There is a Referee Contact List on the web available to all referees. You must log on and go to the yellow “My Private Menus” link. Click on “Officials Menu” and go to “Referee Contact List.” You can locate referees by date and by location for availability.


If you think a game might be canceled do the following: First, check the “Discussion Group” at the web site. Location Managers are supposed to post cancellation at this site on the web site. Second, contact the Location Manager at the city you are scheduled to referee at. Location Managers information is available at the web site by clicking on the “Contact List” link. Thirdly, contact the coach of the home team. Coaches’ information is also available from the “Contact List” link. If all else fails go to the field. Remember, the issue of a Referee calling a game at the field is a safety issue.

Amended Substitution Rule: On a throw in

If both teams have substitutes at the center line, both teams' substitute may enter the field of play on either teams throw in. Players must be at the center line prior to the stoppage in play. Under no circumstance should players enter the field of play directly from the bench as a substitution


FINALLY, check your e-mail regularly during the season and check the web site weekly for referee and other information. Have a great fall season? Be professional, look professional and conduct yourself in a professional manner. If you have any questions please contact me.

Have a great Season!

Steve Lewis GSYSL/USSF Referee Assignor 603-345-0058