U 7/8's

  • Teams playing in the U_7/8 age group will be playing exclusively 4 v 4 on game day.
  • Roster size should not be affected as there will be space for two (2) side by side 4 v 4 games.

US Soccer Small Sided Games

U 9/10's

  • The U_9s will be playing exclusively 6 v 6 on game day. Most of the U10 Policies, Procedures & Rules of Play apply to U9.

US Soccer Small Sided Games

EDP (U7/8/9) Referees

  • GSYSL does not mandate or recommend referees for any EDP games. However, EDP is an excellent training environment for young or less experienced referees. It is advisable for clubs to provide opportunities to support new referees so we can continue to have referees available in the future.
  • Referee Assignments for EDP U9 are the sole responsibility of the HOME Club
  • Referee Payments for EDP U9 are the sole responsibility of the HOME Club.
  • Referees are not used for EDP U7/8

  • Now that the U-9 age group is playing an exclusively 6v6 format - having a referees at these games is optional, as the kids move closer to moving over to competitive soccer.
  • Always remember - EDP is NOT competitive, it is for fun and learning only. Referees are there for the same purpose - to have fun and learn themselves and support the same opportunity for the young players.
  • It is important to keep in mind these are VERY YOUNG players. EDP is non-competitive and developmental in its approach.

The Focus of EDP is to develop strong young soccer players who love the game

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns
Angela Nieland
EDP Director

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