GSYSL Policy Changes for Fall 2010/Spring 2011

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Roster Size

The following changes have been made to the various age appropriate rosters These “guidelines” apply ONLY to GSYSL League Play

Clubs and Coach’s are advised that an expanded roster size may require skills in recognition of game and player management. This is a club issue and should be addressed by and/or to your teams.

Please be advised that this is for GSYSL League play only, teams participating in tournaments or other competitions are subject to the roster sizes governing those events.

Showing Cautions (YC) and Ejections (RC) to Coach's

GSYSL now requires cards to be shown to coaches if you issue a caution or send-off to them. This is due to referees not clearly informing coaches. Again, referees will show the appropriate card when cautioning or sending off a coach. There is no exception to this

Beginning Fall 2010, Referees will be instructed to issue/show cards to coaches for the following offenses:
Coach’s issued two (2) yellow cards in a season or one (1) red card will be subject to a three (3) game suspension

Referees are reminded that this policy of showing a yellow or red card to a coach is limited to GSYSL league play only. This policy should not be applied to other competitive events (such as tournament or other competitive leagues or events unless stipulated by the specific rules of competition pertaining to that event

Game Rescheduling Policy

Regular League Games–non weather related event

Once the schedule is posted changes will only be considered under extenuating circumstances. Requests must be submitted to the League Chair for consideration and approval after consultation with the league scheduler.

In the event a team does not play a game as scheduled, for other than weather or field reasons, cancellation by the Field Coordinator or an authorized change to the schedule has been made, any team that fails to appear for or play a game shall forfeit. The opposing team (11v11) will be credited with a 1—0 win for standings purposes.

Once a reschedule has been granted by the league the coach initiating the reschedule must contact the opposing coach agree on a date, time and field. The reschedule information must then be sent to the league scheduler by the HOME TEAM LOCATION MANAGER.

Game Time Changes

Fines for forfeited games are as follows:

Schedule Changes

In the event the team and/or costs are not paid forthwith, the League shall be authorized to place the offending Club in bad standing

Only the “home team” Field Coordinator may cancel games for unplayable conditions or unexpected field emergencies, always excepting the determination by Referees on the field of play that field conditions are unsafe and the scheduled game therefore cancelled.

No games will be rescheduled without consent of the League Chair

Games canceled and rescheduled by coaches or clubs not sanctioned by the league will not be recognized by league standings and are subject to forfeit and league fines of $100 to both teams