GSYSL Referee Information for Games


Game Length

  • U-8 (4v4)- four 12 min. periods
  • U–9/U-10 (6v6)- four 12 min. periods
  • U—11/U-12 (8v8)- two 30 min. halves
  • U—13/14 - two 35 min. halves
  • U—15-19 Senior Division - two 45 min. halves

The Game Ball

  • The game ball shall be provided by the Home team according to the following sizes:
  • U-8 and under – Size 3 ball.
  • U-9 – U12 – Size 4 ball.
  • All other age groups shall use a Size 5 ball, in accordance with USYSA rules of play.

Rules of Play

  • All Small Sided Games shall be governed by the USYSA rules of play.
  • All 11 v 11 games shall be governed by the FIFA “Laws of the Game”.


  • Substitutions are unlimited
  • Substitutions can be made Goal Kick (both teams), After a Goal is scored (both Teams), on a Throw in by the team in possession of the ball, in the case of an injury (both teams) and at halftime (both teams)
  • Amended Substitution Rule allows both teams to substitute on a throw in if players from both teams are at the line for substitution
  • All substitutes must be at the halfway line at the time the ball goes out of play
  • Substitutes may only come on the field with the permission of the Referee

GSYSL Referee Fees

  • U10 6v6 - $24 Referee
  • U11-U12 8v8 - $40 Referee - each AR $25 (If only one Referee - $55)
  • U13-14 - $50 Referee - each AR $30 (If only one Referee - $65)
  • Senior Division - $60 Referee - each AR $35 (If only one Referee - $75)
  • If there are 2 age groups involved in a match the higher rate applies
  • Payment is made to only the referees that appear at the match

  • Teams are only required to pay for the referees who appear for the match. If there is a CR & AR they receive their normal fee and the 2nd AR fee is NOT collected. The CR has the option of employing a "Club Linesperson" from the home or visiting team who would not receive compensation unless patched and in uniform
  • If only one Referee appears then there is an incentive fee as listed on the fee schedule and again the CR may enlist the help of club lines

Club Pass Rule

  • SPRING ONLY League in the Competitive Divisions U-12 & above
  • Allows for up to 5 players to be written onto a team roster prior to the game as long as each player has a current and valid player pass and are a member of the same club. For each guest player participating in the game, all player data (matching the player pass) including name, address, date of birth, and player identification number will be written onto the game roster provided to the referee prior to the start of the game. Teams shall not be allowed to have more than 18 players participating in any single game (including guest players).
  • Players must meet age requirement of team and may not play up more than 2 age groups listed on their player pass.
  • Each coach should have in their possession copies of the completed USYSA member form for all players (including Club pass players) prior to the start of the game.

Referee Check List

  • Check Field & Goals for safety
  • Check Player Passes/Coaches Passes with “Approved” League Roster
  • Check Player Equipment
  • Referee Payment
  • Coin Toss
  • Referee Pre-Game
  • Retain Roster for Paper Work USSF Report for YC/RC/Coach Ejection and Injury
  • Return Player Cards to Coaches\"(except for players issued a red card ejection (send-off))"
  • Send red carded, ejected (sent-off) player's pass(es) to GSYSL Referee Assignor, Steve Lewis (5 Ferncroft Drive, Nashua, NH 03063) within 24 hours of end of game
  • Submit score online (U11 and above)
  • Report NO SHOW REFEREES to League Assignor by separate email
  • Submit USSF Referee Report for any serious injuries, cautions, send-offs, suspended or abandoned matches, and/or any unusual circumstances to NH SRA (Mark Sadler) and GSYSL Referee Assignor (Steve Lewis) via email within 48 hours of end of game (preferably within 24 hours, if possible).

Referee Code of Ethics


The U.S. Soccer Federation National Program for Referee Development, through the involvement of each referee, is recognized by players, coaches, and administrators as a program which consistently provides excellence in officiating and displays the highest level of professionalism through service and dedication.

To accomplish this, I, as a referee, am committed to:

  1. Officiating matches in a fair and safe manner that ensures players and spectator enjoyment.
  2. Maintaining my physical fitness for peak performance.
  3. Faithfully keeping all appointments assigned to and accepted by me.
  4. Supporting my fellow officials with loyalty, pride, and dignity.
  5. Conducting myself in a way to be ethically and morally beyond reproach.
  6. Granting players and coaches dignity and self-respect.
  7. Contributing to the overall development of the National Program for Referee Development.
  8. Remaining committed to a continuous learning and improvement process that enables me to
    perform to my full potential.

Code of Ethics for Referees
  1. I will always maintain the utmost respect for the game of soccer.
  2. I will conduct myself honorably at all times and maintain the dignity of my position.
  3. I will always honor an assignment or any other contractual obligation.
  4. I will attend training meetings and clinics so as to know the Laws of the Game, their proper
    interpretation and their application.
  5. I will always strive to achieve maximum team work with my fellow officials.
  6. I will be loyal to my fellow officials and never knowingly promote criticism of them.
  7. I will be in good physical condition.
  8. I will control the players effectively by being courteous and considerate without
    sacrificing fairness.
  9. I will do my utmost to assist my fellow officials to better themselves and their work.
  10. I will not make statements about any games except to clarily an interpretation of the Laws of
    the Game.
  11. I will not discriminate against nor take undue advantage of any individual group on the basis
    of race, color, religion, sex or national origin,
  12. I consider it a privilege to be a part of the United States Soccer Federation and my actions
    will reflect credit upon that organization and its affiliates.
    From USSF Referee Administrative Handbook

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