GSYSL Indoor Rules


Playing Fields

(188’ x 96’)


6v6 - all age groups

The Ball

                    Under-12 Size 4
Under-13 and up Size 5

Duration of game/Time

1. All games consist of two 25-minute halves.
2. The clock will run continually, even during any injury time.
3. Half time will be 2 minutes in duration.
4. All scheduled games must start on time. Teams not ready to start 5 minutes after the scheduled time will be consider a no show and will be reported to GSYSL or NH Sportsplex staff. A friendly game may be played in place of scheduled game when/if verified by GSYSL or NH Sportsplex staff.
5. The clock will start automatically 5 minutes after scheduled time of kick off.


       1. Goals are worth 1 point when the entire ball crosses over the whole goal line.
2. During regular session, all games ending in a tie will remain tied.
3. U10 years of age and below scores will not be kept on a scoreboard or recorded as to US Soccer Bylaws.
4. Competitive League coaches are required to verify the correct scores and sign the Referee Score Sheet at the end of a game.
5. If a five-goal differential occurs during any game, the team losing may bring on an extra player. The team may keep this extra player on the field until the goal differential is reduced below five.
6. A team may not score directly from the kick-off.


1. NH Sportsplex will provide a referee for each match.
2. The Referee’s sole authority starts and stops on the pitch during the duration of the match being played and half time is considered part of the match.
3. Referees are responsible for all activity on the pitch only. All other areas in the arena are under the control of GSYSL or NH Sportsplex staff.
4. Referees should be aware of any special rules or circumstances related to each League they are working for.
5. The referees will administer all laws of the game according to the rules.
6. It is mandated for all Referees to report all sending off’s, or injuries to the appropriate authorities.
7. GSYSL or NH Sportsplex has some modified Rules that must be enforced for the safety and fairness of the game.

Players Equipment/Uniforms

1. The Referee is not responsible for procuring Uniforms or Equipment for the teams.
                    3. Teams are required to have matching jerseys / shirts during games.
4. Each team is required to have both a light and dark jersey / shirt in case of a color conflict.
5. Pennies will no longer be provided by the GSYSL or NH Sportsplex.
6. All players are to wear flats or turf shoes only in the designated playing fields.
7. No jewelry is to be worn during games.
8. Goalkeeper are to where a different color shirt from the team and referee.


1. Substitutions are on the fly.
2. Players leaving the field must be within three (3) yards from the bench when a substitute enters the field.
3. Play on the field must be at least five (5) yards away from the bench. If play is disrupted in any manner by the substitute, an indirect free kicked will the awarded to the opposing team.
4. The Referee is not responsible for procuring players for the team.

Player Conduct

1. Players are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit as well as the letter of USSF Laws of the Game.
2. All free kicks awarded by the referee are indisputable (please see Rule X - Encroachment, the NEW FIVE YARD RULE).
3. All free kicks are indirect except for penalty kicks.
4. All players on free kicks must be 3 yards or 9 feet from the ball.
5. On all free kicks, 5 seconds will be allowed to put the ball back into play. Failure to do so will result in a loss of possession and a free kick awarded to the opposite team. 5 seconds begins when there is no encroachment.
6. An indirect free-kick will be awarded against the team that hits the ball into the side or the ceiling net. This free kick will take place directly below the spot where the ball made contact with the net.
7. When the ball hits the ceiling net over the penalty area, or hits the netting along the back wall last played by the defending team a corner kick will be awarded.
8. When the ball hits the ceiling net over the penalty area, or hits the netting along the back wall last played by the attacking team, a goal kick will be awarded.
              9. Slide tackles are not permitted.
10. Players will not spit on the pitch or playing field. The player may receive a yellow card or if deemed necessary a red card.


1. Opponents must stand 3 yards or 9 feet from the ball on all free kicks.
2. Failure to do so may results in the referee to place the ball 5 yards or 15 feet further forward for the free kick. This is in response to the FIFA 2002 10-yard outdoor rule.


  1. Goalkeeper will follow USSF laws of the game.
2. If a goalkeeper commits a foul within the penalty area, the proper restart may be an indirect free kick or a penalty kick.
3. The keeper has five seconds to release the ball after taking possession with his/her hands and 5-seconds begin when there is other encroachment.
                       4. After possession of the ball, the keeper cannot pick the ball up again until the ball changes possession (the "back pass" rule is in effect). The ball will be placed to the nearest corner of the penalty box area closest to the infraction.
5. The keeper cannot dribble the ball back into the penalty area and then pick it up. The ball will be placed in the nearest corner of the penalty box area closest to the infraction.
6. The goalkeeper is not allowed to punt or drop kick the ball back into play. He/she may kick the ball from the floor, or throw the ball.
7. The goalkeepers may not throw or kick the ball over the three lines, the ball will be placed at the 25-yard line nearest to where the infraction occurred.
8. goalkeeper cannot throw the ball over the halfway line without it touching the floor or another player. The ball will be placed on halfway line nearest to where the infraction occurred.

Penalty Kicks

  1. Penalty Kicks follow the same guidelines for fouls and procedures as set up in a USSF Law of the Game
2. The goalkeeper must touch the goal line with some part of their shoes until the ball is kicked.
3. The player taking the kick will not be permitted to play the ball until the keeper is ready and the referee signals the kick to be taken.
4.Play is live if the ball is missed, however the penalty-taker cannot re-touch the ball unless another player does so first.

Arena Blue Card: Unsporting Behavior

1. A blue card will be shown to a player who is deemed playing in an unsporting manner.
  2. the player shown a blue card will sit out 2 minutes and may be replaced by another player.
  3. Only one blue card maybe issued to a player per game. The next card able offense may be a yellow or red card.
  4. A yellow card or a red card may be shown to a player without a blue card first.

Yellow Card: Caution

  1. A cautionable offense will follow the guidelines of the Laws of the Game.
2. A yellow card displayed by the referee indicates a caution.
3. A cautioned player will sit out 2 minutes and the team will play a man down the entire time.
4. Two yellow cards to the same player in the same match will make an automatic red card (sending off) and that team will play down the remainder of the game.
5. A yellow card does not need to precede a red.
6. Management reserves the right to review all incidents and determine more severe punishment is necessary.

Red Card: Sending off

  1. A sending-off will follow the same guidelines of thelaws of the games.
  2. A red card displayed by the referee indicates a player is being sent off and must leave the Arena building for the day.
3. No substitutions may be made for the sent off player during the match.
  4. A player receiving a red card must sit out the next scheduled game day for that team.
  5. Red cards issued to any player on the pitch after the match is subject to review by GSYSL or NH Sportsplex staff.
6. Any type of physical assault (throwing a punch or fist fighting), abuse, spitting and pushing by a spectator or players directed at any management, employee, other player or referee may be grounds for permanent suspension from all Leagues and the building of GSYSL or NH Sportsplex.
7. Management reserves the right to review all incidents and determine more severe punishment is necessary.
  8. It is mandated for Referees to report red cards to the appropriate authorities and staff.


There will be points allotted for the regular season games:
            3 points for a win.
            2 points for a tie.
            1 point for a loss.
            O points for a forfeit/no show.

These points will be added up after 6 games and then the 7th game will be scheduled as follows:
Team Rank #1 v Team Rank #2 (Championship Game)
  Team Rank #3 v Team Rank #4 
Team Rank #5 v Team Rank #6 
  and so on...

If there is a tie break of points at the end of the regular season then the following will apply:
a. Head to Head
b. Goal Difference
c. Goals Scored

Final Week Games

1. Games will be 2 x 20 minute games.
2. If games are tied after regulation play there will be a five (5) minute "Golden Goal" overtime:  The team who scores first wins.
3. If no goals are scored during the five (5) minute overtime period, the game will then be decided by a Penalty Shoot-out -"Sudden Death" penalties.
4. Any changes to the playoffs format will be determined before the start of each game and participating team will be notified.

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