Submitting Your Game Score Online

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Submitting Your Game Score Online

There are 2 ways to submit your scores. 
To submit:   Click on - User Login > on the front page of the GSYSL web site

GSYSL Site Menu  
Then Click on the Referee's link as seen below

Granite State Soccer Member Menu 

  Edit Profile - Member Registration Information

      Search Members

  Management Areas

      Registrar's - Club Menu and Player Registration / Roster Menus


      Location Manager's - Home Schedule Time and Field Assignments

      Referee's - Referee Page, Referee Information, Calendar and Location  <-CLICK HERE



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Granite State Soccer Officials



Official Menu


Referee Profile:


View/Edit Referee Profile


Referee Game Card:

                           Submit Game Card <<-Click here then enter your Game # and submit the game information will appear and enter your game information

View Referee Schedule:

                    View My Schedule  <<- From your schedule you cn click on the game # and the game card will appear, enter your game information and submit