Instructions for Filling Out Referee Availability

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After you have "Registered as a User" you will be approved usually within 24 hrs

Click on -' User Login' on the front page of the GSYSL web site

Then enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD (chosen upon registration) and Click Login Now

Then Click on the Referee's link as seen below

Granite State Soccer Member Menu'  




Edit Profile - Member Registration Information


Search Members


Management Areas


Registrar's - Club Menu and Player Registration / Roster Menus




Location Manager's - Home Schedule Time and Field Assignments


Referee's - Referee Page, Referee Information, Calendar and Location  <-'CLICK HERE








Granite State Soccer Officials



Official Menu


Referee Profile:


View/Edit Referee Profile <-----CLICK HERE  Upon initial login link will read Create Referee Profile


View Referee Schedule:




There are three (3) parts to filling out your availability

Referee Information - Age, Referee Grade, Experience (yrs), Comfort Level for Refereeing (Check the box if you wish to have CR assignments and put down your comfort level as a Center Referee up to U19 (New and Youth Referees should select a comfort level 2 years less than your age)  If If you only want to AR then check the box and put in comfort level as an AR up to U19 (New and Youth Referees should select a comfort level 2 years less than your age)

If you check CR you must also check AR. If you only want to AR check AR only.

Calendar - Check Boxes of dates you ARE available.  (There are no Monday games, if you do not want to submit dates at this time check a Monday date)

Locations - Check Locations for fields you wish to referee at.  (The more locations you choose the better chances of receiving assignments)