GSYSL EDP U7/8/9 Format and Operating Rules

GSYSL EDP Format and Operating Rules

Game Times and Format of Play:

  • EDP - more information
  • Teams playing in the U_7/8 age group will be playing exclusively 4 v 4 on game day.
  • Roster size should not be affected as there will be space for two (2) side by side 4 v 4 games.
  • Game length is 4 -12 minute periods
  • Prior to each game there should be 15-20 minutes of skill training conducted by the the coach's

US Soccer U8 Playing recommendations

Under_8 Addendum


  • Referees are optional for the U_7/8 4v4 format and the U9 6v6 format. Referees are recommended for the U10 6v6 format and should be USSF registered.
  • The home team is solely responsible to arrange and pay for referees – either paid or volunteer for the U7/8/9 age levels.
  • The home team is solely responsible to arrange for referees – either paid or volunteer. IF Referees are provided for U10 games (by the home team) the payment is divided between both teams
  • Most clubs look to get young players, parents and siblings involved with becoming referees and this format may give them the chance to get acclimated.
  • Please remind your coaches, players and parents that they are learning and that no harassment of the ref for making a bad call or not will not be allowed.
  • It is the club’s responsibility to make sure these refs-in-training are prepared and know the basics of the game.
  • For EDP U_7/8 they should allow minor infractions (lifting of a foot on a throw in) or stop the play, explain the correct procedure then resume. This should not be a reason to stop play constantly, just a few reminders. The goal is to teach but ultimately we want the players playing.


  • For all games, substitutions will be allowed on any throw-in, goal kick or after a goal or on the fly (if the coaches agree prior to the game annd confirm with Referee).

Ball Size:

  • Size 3 for U-7 and U-8.
  • Size 4 for U-9 and U-10.

Game Format:

  • US Soccer Under_8 Playing recommendations
  • US Soccer U8 Recommendations _Addendum
  • US Soccer U9 & U10 Playing Recommendations
  • US Soccer U10 Recommendations-Addendum

  • Suggested Field Size:

    • Should be a minimum of 40 X 60 for 6V6
    • Should be 2 (two)- 20 X 30 (half of the 6v6 field)for 4v4 for 2 games to be played simultaneously

    Goal size:

    • For 6v6 matches should be a maximum of 10’X6’ recommended.
    • For 4v4 no goals will be required whereas the focus of 4v4 is to develop good foot/ball skills. Two cones centrally placed 6’ apart are sufficient and a goal is scored by passing the ball through the cones. Coaches may also use Pugg pop up goals or Coerver upright goals if they desire. Goal size for 6v6 matches should be a maximum of 10’X6’ recommended.

    All EDP Coaches:

    • Coach's should contact their opposing coach the week prior to the scheduled match to confirm game time, location and format of play.
    • EDP U7/8/9/10 games may be rescheduled between coach's without league approval.
    • All changes MUST be agreed upon and communicated beween coaches.
    • Updates to the web schedule MUST be sent by the HOME TEAM LOCATION MANAGER to Steve Lewis at

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