GSYSL Policy on Rescheduling Games

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Regular League Games–non weather related event

Game Time Changes

  • Any game time changes MUST have the approval of the League Chair and MUST be made a Minimum of 7 days prior to that scheduled game
  • Requests must be submitted using the form below to the League Chair for consideration and approval after consultation with the league scheduler.
  • Once a reschedule has been granted by the league, the coach initiating the reschedule must contact the opposing coach agree on a date, time and field.

  • Only the “home team” Field Coordinator may cancel games for unplayable conditions or unexpected field emergencies, always excepting the determination by Referees on the field of play that field conditions are unsafe and the scheduled game therefore cancelled.
  • Games canceled and rescheduled by coaches or clubs not sanctioned by the league will not be recognized by league standings and are subject to forfeit and league fines of $100 to both teams.
  • The team initiating a rescheduling MUST notify the opposing team, league chair and league scheduler at the same time