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US Club Soccer

As the Club Registrar, you should be able to access the the US Club Soccer site
  • contact Sharon Young at US Club Soccer at 843-429-0006 x303 or Bonnie Watson at 603-664-2432 for your Username and Password if you don't already have one).
  • You can send new "Player Registration List Upload Files", "New Team List Upload Files" and "New Coach's List Upload Files" to Bonnie Watson at 603-664-2432.
  • Contact 843-429-0006 x303 for the required file format, training and additional information.
  • GSYSL has provided US Club Soccer with all the 2012-13 Team Data, Coach's data and Player Registration Data to be imported into your US Club Soccer account
  • IF your team, coach and player data is not available in your US Club Soccer Account contact Bonnie Watson at 603-664-2432 for support and assistance
  • For ALL information and support regarding Club US Club Soccer Accounts contact 843-429-0006 x303 or Bonnie Watson at 603-664-2432
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