Rules of Play (outline)

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Game Length

The Game Ball

  • The game ball shall be provided by the Home team according to the following sizes:
  • U-8 and under – Size 3 ball.
  • U-9 – U12 – Size 4 ball.
  • All other age groups shall use a Size 5 ball, in accordance with USYSA rules of play.

Roster Size

The following changes have been made to the various age appropriate rosters These “guidelines” apply ONLY to GSYSL League Play
  • U10 and below (including EDP)Allow UP to 14 (fourteen) and Dress UP to 14 (fourteen)
  • U11 & U12 8v8: Allow UP to 18 (eighteen) and Dress UP to 16 (sixteen)
  • U13 & U14: Allow UP to 20 (twenty) and Dress UP to 18 (eighteen)
  • Senior Division: Allow up to 22 (twenty-two) Dress UP to 18 (eighteen)

Rules of Play

  • All Small Sided Games shall be governed by the USYSA rules of play.
  • All 11 v. 11 games shall be governed by the FIFA “Laws of the Game” amended for substitutions.