Online Player Registration Overview

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Instructions for Online Player Registration Program:

Registrars: Enter your Login and Password. Then Press Go. On the Administration Menu under Club Management screen Click Club Menu

This will bring you to you Club Editing Screen.

Step 1

Click on Club Profile. Edit any information and submit

Step 2

Click on Club Officers check Club Officer information (THIS IS MANDATORY). Please send a list of names if you need people added or deleted from your Club officer information to Steve Lewis at Need Fname, Lname, FullAddress, Phone, Office Held and E-Mail.

All Club Officers MUST Register as a User on the GSYSL Web site

Step 3

Click on Teams Activate and Update teams that will play in the coming season. Be sure to update team name and age. i.e. Amherst Soccer Club_G_U13_NR to Amherst Soccer Club_G_U14_NR. Change initials if coach has changed. Update Phone # and E-mail of coach (THIS IS MANDATORY). Add any team comments regarding this team in terms of placement only. DO NOT put conflict information here, it must be sent on a separate e-mail to the League Scheduler

Team Registration Instructions

Step 4

If you have not sent your Player information file (Soccer Trak or other Electronic file) preferably in Excel or tab-delimited text to; Steve Lewis at Otherwise, you must manually add each players information into the database. See Player Registration Form below for the information required

Summary of the Player Registration Process

Adding and Renewing Players

Before adding a new player, please check registrations from previous season. If a player was registered online in a previous season, you can click on the "Past Season Registrations" link on the Player Menu to find the player listed under a previous team registration. Once found, you can open the Player Editor by clicking the player's name. From here, you can assign new teams and change player information

Process to Release Players from a Roster

Assigning Teams

If you would like to assign multiple teams to a player, you may edit the player multiple times. Each new edit yields a new form for adding a team.

Roster Submissions

There are two ways to approve player-team associations:

Double Rostered Players

Club Pass Players

Printing Player Passes and Rosters (Instructions)

Importing players from a spreadsheet file (Example: from a soccertrak export)

- First Name - Last Name - D.O.B.

Copies of ALL Birth Certificates for NEW and previously Unregistered players should be sent to:

Bonnie Watson 190 Browns Pasture Road Strafford NH 03880

Any questions can be directed to:

Byron Phinney at 603-785-4108 up to 9pm.

Bonnie Watson at between 7-9 pm M-F

Steve Lewis at 603-345-0058 up to 9 pm