Rules of Play

A. Game Length:

U - 8 EDP (4v4) 4 - 10 min. periods

U – 9 EDP &10 (6v6) four 12 min. periods

U – 11 (8v8) – two 25 min. halves

U—12 (8v8) - two 30 min. halves

U—13/14 - two 35 min. halves

Senior Division - two 45 min. halves

B. The Game Ball:

The game ball shall be provided by the Home team according to the following sizes:

U-9 and under – Size 3 ball.

U-10 – U12 – Size 4 ball.

All other age groups shall use a Size 5 ball, in accordance with USYSA rules of play.

C. Rules of Play

All Small Sided Games shall be governed by the USYSA rules of play. GSYSL EDP Program Overview/Philosophy USYS 6v6 Recomendations USYS 8v8 Recomendations

All 11 v. 11 games shall be governed by the FIFA ‘Laws of the Game".

D. Point System (U12 and above)

The standings of teams in their respective divisions shall be figured by points.

Three (3) – WIN

One (1) – TIE (to each team)

Zero (0) – LOSS

Zero (0) -- FORFEIT

E. Tiebreakers

If at the end of the regular season, two or more teams are tied, the winner shall be determined through the following tiebreaker methods:

1 – Head to Head Competition;

2 – Most Wins;

3 – Most Shutout Wins;

4 – Goal Differential, up to a maximum of 3 per game;

5 – Fewest Goals allowed, up to a maximum of 3 per game;

6 – Coin Flip

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