Online Player Registration Overview

Instructions for Online Player Registration Program:

Registrars: Enter your Login and Password. Then Press Go. On the Administration Menu under Club Management screen Click Club Menu

This will bring you to you Club Editing Screen.

Step 1

Click on Club Profile. Edit any information and submit

Step 2

Click on Club Officers check Club Officer information (THIS IS MANDATORY). Please send a list of names if you need people added or deleted from your Club officer information to Steve Lewis at Need Fname, Lname, FullAddress, Phone, Office Held and E-Mail.

All Club Officers MUST Register as a User on the GSYSL Web site

Step 3

Click on Teams Activate and Update teams that will play in the coming season. Be sure to update team name and age. i.e. Amherst Soccer Club_G_U13_NR to Amherst Soccer Club_G_U14_NR. Change initials if coach has changed. Update Phone # and E-mail of coach (THIS IS MANDATORY). Add any team comments regarding this team in terms of placement only. DO NOT put conflict information here, it must be sent on a separate e-mail to the League Scheduler

Team Registration Instructions

Step 4

If you have not sent your Player information file (Soccer Trak or other Electronic file) preferably in Excel or tab-delimited text to; Steve Lewis at Otherwise, you must manually add each players information into the database. See Player Registration Form below for the information required

Summary of the Player Registration Process

  • Click on Player Registration
  • Then go to... Add New Player to Club: Click Here
  • Fill in Player Registration Form
  • First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone#, DOB, and Gender is required.
  • Jersey #
  • Emergency Contact and Emergency Phone # is required
  • Emergency Doctors Name and Phone # is required
  • Registrar's Requirement Box Must be Checked is required

Adding and Renewing Players

Before adding a new player, please check registrations from previous season. If a player was registered online in a previous season, you can click on the "Past Season Registrations" link on the Player Menu to find the player listed under a previous team registration. Once found, you can open the Player Editor by clicking the player's name. From here, you can assign new teams and change player information

Process to Release Players from a Roster

Assigning Teams

If you would like to assign multiple teams to a player, you may edit the player multiple times. Each new edit yields a new form for adding a team.

Roster Submissions

  • Once all players have been assigned to their teams, the club registrar can then click the "Submit Roster" link on the Player Menu.
    This will submit the roster for administrative review
  • The Club Player Registration Menu has a new option to be able to see past season registrations. This is where a club registrar should go to find
    already-existing players to assign to new teams. The Club Registrar doesn't have to do this: If a player is resubmitted, then a Player ID conflict will show on the admin side, which alerts the Roster Administrator. The Roster Administrator will then indicate whether this ID conflict is the result of redundant registration, or whether it is genuinely two players who have the same letters in their names and the same birthday
  • Now, the team associations don't have to be done at the same time as the registration. But, for now, the team associations are handled through the same editor as the player info. There will always be a spot to add a new team association to a player, and therefore there is no limit to the number of teams.
  • The club registrar indicates whether this player is a guest player or a main team member. For each team, the player's jersey number (and alt / position) are assigned. The club registrar can check a box, which will submit a request to release the player from the team.

There are two ways to approve player-team associations:

  • They can be handled individually (by clicking on the player's name and scrolling down to the bottom of the Player Info block), or
  • They can be handled via roster approvals (more convenient).
  • If you have sent an electronic file a list of your players will show up under Player Registration. The only step you will need to take is to assign players to your teams. Once this is done you can view and submit your rosters electronically to Bonnie Watson for Official Signature and Stamping.

Double Rostered Players

  • Double Rostered Players- Active players who are double rostered will be recognized by the system and will be designated by (DR) once the roster is submitted.

Club Pass Players

  • Club Pass Players should not be place on the permanent Roster. Club Pass Players are to be written on to the rosters on game day. Players must have a valid USYS Player pass, play for the same club division teams with a 22 person roster, teams are still limited to 18 dressed players per game. See the GSYSL Club Pass Rule for additional information.
  • You will be able to print Player Cards by team after a roster has been approved (Player cards are now required to be printed NOT hand written per GSYSL) then have them signed by your players, attach 1x1 then laminated . Make sure you have the NEW USYS Player Pass Card Sheets for printing . Make sure you are using the latest version of Acrobat Reader.
  • Once your roster has been approved you will be notified by e-mail. You can now print your player passes. Once printed, have your players sign them and attach a current picture.

Printing Player Passes and Rosters (Instructions)

Importing players from a spreadsheet file (Example: from a soccertrak export)

  • We will accept either Microsoft Excel files or tab-delimited ".txt" files with player data. Please only include information on the first "Sheet" of the excel file, if you choose to send an Excel file. Use this form-Player Registration Form for Player Uploading
  • The first line of the file must contain the column headers (example: First Name will be one of the columns). The headers do not need to be any specific name or in any specific order, as long as they are descriptive enough for a person to be able to understand what the fields represent. Though the column headers are fairly flexible, please only include player information. Team information is to be handled separately. This initial import process is for getting players into the system / updating player data. As such, it is not a tool for registering players to teams. Team registration will take place after the import.
  • These three fields are required for each player in order to generate a player ID. Without these three fields, the player will not be imported into the system:

- First Name - Last Name - D.O.B.

  • The following fields are required, but are not essential for the initial import. Please note, however, that you will be prompted to give this information later. So, in the interest of saving some time, you might want to include this information up-front:
  • Phone
  • Address
  • City
  • State i.e.(NH)
  • Zip
  • Gender (M/F)
  • E-mail
  • Father Fname
  • Father Lname
  • Father Phone
  • Mother Fname
  • Mother Lname
  • Mother Phone
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Phone
  • Jersey Num: This will be used as the default value for the player upon team registration.
  • Team Name: This value does not assign a player to a team, but it helps in sorting out players once players have been imported.
  • Age Division: This value must be one of the following or it will not show on the player's info:
  • U10 - 6, U12, U13, U14 etc
  • There are a number of other fields which are used for storing player information. Feel free to include any other information. We will use what we can from it.
  • When you have the spreadsheet file ready, email it to, and we will upload the players into the system. Once the players have been uploaded to the system, you will find them listed as active unregistered players in the online system.
  • You will be able to ADD/CANCEL players.

Copies of ALL Birth Certificates for NEW and previously Unregistered players should be sent to:

Bonnie Watson 190 Browns Pasture Road Strafford NH 03880

Any questions can be directed to:

Byron Phinney at 603-785-4108 up to 9pm.

Bonnie Watson at between 7-9 pm M-F

Steve Lewis at 603-345-0058 up to 9 pm

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