Soccer Goal Safety

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Soccer Goal Safety

It is time to remind all our coaches, managers, referees, volunteers and administrators that safety is Everyone's responsibility. Goal safety is critical. The responsibility of checking the goals at a soccer field belongs to all of us. Don't feel someone else checked it. Make sure you check it, and make sure its anchored.

Below is a link to a you tube video concerning goal post safety. The video only lasts 5:00 minutes and is well worth the time to watch it....
Here is a simple check list from Kwik Goal.


  1. Are anchors in place and secured properly to the goal and ground surface?
  2. If anchor bags are being used, are they in good condition?
  3. Are anchor bags adequately filled with aggregate?
  4. Are anchor bags placed over the base of the goal frames at the back corners?
  5. Is all connecting hardware, such as nuts and bolts, in place and secure?
  6. Has the structural integrity of the goal been compromised?
  7. Are welds cracked?
  8. Are corner joints secure?
  9. Is the goal on a level surface?
  10. Are the goal nets attached properly to the goal frame?
  11. Do sharp edges exist in any part of the goal and net attachment system?
  12. Do the nets have large holes or tears?