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New Four Hour In Service Session Requirement

Welcome to the 2012 USSF Referee Training Year!

The referee training year runs offset from the calendar year. Training runs from August 1 to the following June 30. Here in NH we accomplish this by holding sessions during late July into August and from November through April. In other words during the time when we are not on the fields refereeing games! We try to have multiple sessions in August and January to accommodate our college aged referees so they can attend during breaks. Fees for these in service sessions are covered by your annual registration fee, so in effect they are free to you!

There have been some changes to the program for the 2012 year.

New Four Hour In Service Session Requirement

USSF requires all grade 8 and 7 referees attend 6 hours of annual training, as well as be tested annually. As our NH referee program evolves we are more closely aligning with the requirements and will be testing ALL referees starting this year. In order to accomplish this, we are instituting a new requirement for all referees to attend a 4 hour In Service Training Session (IST). Part of this session will be dedicated to changes to the Laws of The Game (LOTG) and testing.

The remainder of the 4 hour IST will be geared to one of two groups:

· Referees with 0-2 years experience

· Referees with 3+ years of experience

You may attend either type of session or both if you chose.

The session material will overlap, but the will be geared towards the referee challenges in the designated experience level.

In order for your 2012 registration to be approved, you must register on line with USSF and attend one of these 4 hour sessions. 2012 badges will only be distributed after attendance to one of these sessions.

To fulfill the remaining 2 hours of your annual training requirement, you will have several options:

· Attend a 2 hour IST with focused topics addressing areas seen over the last year through on field observations.

· Attend on field training where NHSRC instructors are present, for example the GSYSL August Referee Camp · Attend a showcase game as scheduled by the NH SDI, where you sit with instructors or assessors and discuss the referees on the field.

NH Referees who attend training out of state, for example college referees attending college in another state, can have credit for the out of state training applied to NH simply by having the SDI from the other state contact the NH SDI confirming attendance.

NH Referee Web Site

These changes, as well as upcoming training schedules will be posted on our official NH Referee web site at:

Also on this site you can find upgrade assessment information, news about our travelling NH referees, contacts for attending any of several state run events as a referee.

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