Youth Referees & New Referees


Communicating with Your Assignor

• Youth Referees: Please remember it is YOUR responsibility to communicate with the assignor. If you expect us to assigned you a game, we expect you to be responsible for requesting games, managing your schedules, managing your availability and doing the job you are assigned to do. We will no longer assign games that are requested on your behalf.

• Please make sure you are giving your availability to only one assignor on any given date. Re-assigning games only makes more work for the assignors.

• Please update your availability (dates and or locations) when requesting assignments from the Games Needing Referees Page

• Please also notify the assignor of changes in your availability by email as well as updating your calendar

• Make sure you are checking and READING your emails regularly during the seasons.

Youth Referees Assignment Expectations

Professionalism & Job Security:

• Youth referees (as are all referees)are being paid by the clubs to do a job. The club and the league is your customer. You need to be responsible by reporting to work dressed professionally. That means you arrive at the field (30 minutes prior to kick-off)with your shirt tucked in and your socks pulled up. If you appear at a field for a game and you are seen “out of uniform” or "late" you will be relieved of your duties! Arriving at a game in a GSYSL Referee t-shirt or polo is appropriate as long as it is tucked in.

• Center Referees you are responsible for submitting score, USSF Reports for Cautions, Ejections and Injury and submitting a GSYSL Disciplinary Report for Cautions and Ejections within 24 hours of your games. Failure to do so will result in loss of future assignments.

• If the teams are your customers, then your assignor is your “boss”. Let your assignor know of any issues that may occur at the field prior during or after a game. A USSF Report is the proper method to do this. USSF Reports should always be cc’d to the NH SRA at as that is the assignors “boss”.

Referee Education:

Referees NEVER stop learning. It takes a long time (experience and continuing education) to become a “good referee”. If you are not interested in becoming a “better” referee each and every time you take the field…. Find something else to do!

Be Pro-active:

Assignments are given based on experience. Be proactive. Check the Games Needing Referees Page regularly. Assignments can’t always be in your backyard. Players have to travel to their games. Referees need to do the same sometimes. Seek out games, by doing so your assignor will notice you!

No Show Referees:

No show referees WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you cannot make a game at the last minute you must notify the League Assignor AND the other members of your crew. If you “No Show” for any game and have not communicated, you will be removed from any future assignments and will only receive assignments you request from the Games Needing Referees list on a game by game basis.

SRC Area Reps and SRC:

• Make sure you know who your SRC Area Rep is. He or she can be a useful resource regarding other refereeing opportunities, re-certification, IST’s and other support for you as a referee.

• You should also familiarize yourself with the NH State Referee Committee (SRC). The SRA (State Referee Administrator), SYRA (State Youth Referee Administrator), SDI (State Director of Instruction) and SDA (State Administrator of Assessments). Their contact information can be found at

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