2009 Meeting Minutes


General Meeting January 2009

The Yard Restaurant, Manchester, NH

In attendance: Steve Lewis, Ray Oberholtzer, Paul Lessard, Kevin Payne, Nick Green, Brian Goddu, Eric Winkler, Bonnie Watson Motion to accept minutes as written  Ray Oberholtzer. Seconded by Paul Lessard . Motion carried.

Boy’s Competitive-Ken Poulin No problem to report at this time.

Girl’s Competitive- Nick Green No problem to report at this time.

NHSA-Sonja Snelgrove Can’t attend meeting on Wednesday. Is there someone who can attend? Possibly Bonnie. Weather is being taken into consideration for attendance to meeting.

Registration – Bonnie Watson Registration starts this weekend. Nothing to report as of yet.

Website – Steve Up grades have been made to the website. Coaches can now submit their scores online. Different forms have also been loaded to the site. All forms are now fillable PDF. Hand written player cards are unacceptable. Team standings will be up after everyone has been registered. There will not be a premier division this Spring. Most teams involved have gone to D-1 which ties up both Sat and Sun. Many scheduling conflicts.

Old Business:

Contract with SUSC has been sealed and delivered. May go Sat and Sun for playoffs. We are allowed to have a banner which will be worded by GSYSL and paid by SUSC. Banner discussion tabled until next meeting. Nov 18th-Competitive summit held by NHSA. Discussed that tournament ran well except for Seacoast teams dropping. Seacoast Maine teams came to the rescue. It is getting harder and harder to get teams to fit format. Option of cancelling Fall tournament was placed on the table by NHSA. It was thought by NHSA to allow the season to be extended in the Fall. Seems that all the players on both sides look forward to this event. Both benefit win or lose. It would be a great loss should this be allowed to happen. It was decided to do a survey of the competitive club’s coaches and teams to provide more feedback. Is GSYSL going to be asked about their opinion on these suggestions? Bonnie will be asking NHSA if they will be requesting feedback from GSYSL. Santa Fund- Receipt will be received for the value of  the balls to be given to Patti. Many thanks were received. Any board members going to the regional meeting need to have registered. Now the price has increased. We need to set a date for the AGM and Spring kick-off.

Motion to adjourn by Ray Oberholtzr. Nick Green. Motion carried.

The Yard Restaurant, Manchester, NH

General Meeting February 2009

In attendance: Bev Houle, Martha McNiff, Shirley Campbell, Mark Barnard, Allen Lajoie, Ray Oberholtzer, Nick Green, Brian Goddu, Ken Poulin, Shawn Menard, Paul Lessard Guests in attendance:candia campbell-NHSA, Bob Willey-NHSA

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm with Bev Houle recording minutes.

Minutes were not submitted for approval from meeting on January 5th due to problems with the secretary computer. Minutes will be submitted next meeting.


1.Candia Campbell and Bob Willey join the GSYSL meeting to inform us that the NHSA AGM will be held March 29, 2009 ; 8:00am @ Hampshire Hills.There will also be a cup meeting. NHSA is attempting to go back to the old AGM. There will be a coaches clinic, ODP Meeting, Recreational meeting, EDP meeting and Referee Clinic. Blue Sombrero will also be in attendance. The clinics are for coaches and not players. There will be a Region Representative in attendance to conduct clinics. Actual AGM time is 10:30am-Noon. Coaching Sessions at the dome are 8am-6pm. Competitive meeting will be 8:00am – 10:30am. 2. Communication between GSYSL and NHSA is lacking. Bob recommended that GSYSL send out information. All information needs to go to Steve Lewis to be distributed. Candia will copy Steve now. Paul Lessard wants to be copied on all correspondence. Mark Ruest seems to have the best data base within NHSA. NHSA also needs to needs to send e-mails to everyone. 3. Mark Barnard suggested that he invite all EDP coaches to the AGM. Mark Reust is working on this. 4. Bob Willey also congratulated Ken Poulin on his winning of the NHSA Raffle Trip to England. 5. Positions open for elections are: President, VP for Adult, VP of Competitive, Treasurer. Also an appointment for Secretary.

Budget-Pat Marchi

No report available.

Boy’s Competitive – Ken Poulin Has received information from Steve Lewis.

Girl’s Competitive – Nick Green

Has received information from Steve Lewis.

NHSA – Sonja Snelgrove

Sonja is unable to attend the NHSA meeting this Wednesday. Bev Houle with stand in her place.

Purchasing – Shirley Campbell

Question pertaining to climate control shirts. There items are now available but pricing is too high. Open for suggestions for coaches gifts for the Fall. Nick Green suggested a good ball bag. Whoever is attending the USYSA conferences should bring some samples and brochures back.

Maps – Ray Oberholtzer Everything is all set.

Registration – Bonnie Watson

1. 316 teams all registered. 64 EDP teams also registered. (165 boys and 126 girls teams (40 Senior Boys and 29 Senior Girls). Divisional placement are on the website until Feb 28th. 2. 22 teams from GSYSL have registered for Open Cup. This is down from the 45 who registered last year. Shirley Campbell stated  that the Open Cup has a limited number of teams signing up and there is a concern as to if it will even be held. a. Suggestions:  If there is not a Fall Cup, maybe we could add more games. Alan Lajoie was concerned about increasing the number of teams. b. Question: If there is not a Fall Tournament, what would GSYSL teams get from States? GSYSL has 20 teams registered for State Cup.

Website and Referees – Steve Lewis Nothing more to report.

Old Business:

Nick Green voiced concern about the club pass rule for Senior Division. He has a problem with the possibility of a U19 player playing on a U-15 team. There has not been a problem with the club pass rule in the past 4 years. The Senior division is basically a high school division. After U14 we do not have the groups by ages. Steve Lewis is not sure the intent of the club pass rule is meant as stated. Keep in mind the club pass rule was made @ an AGM meeting. If we change it, does it have to be done at the AGM or not? Tabled until next month meeting. Those wanting to change or discuss further should attend.  Seacoast Banner – Seacoast has offered to have a banner installed for GSYSL. Cost is usually $300.00 per banner. Alan Lajoie agrees that we should not do a banner since it might imply that GSYSL is affiliated with Seacoast. Steve Lewis suggested we have a sportsmanship banner made instead of one for GSYSL. Suggested that we let Seacoast work out the wording and let us know what to put in it. Paul will e-mail them by Friday 2/6/09.

New Business:

GSYSL AGM is April 6, 2009 Positions up for election are: Vice Chair – Paul Lessard, Vice Chair Boy’s Comp. – Ken Poulin, Secretary – Kevin Payne, NHSA Liaison – Sonja Snelgrove, Directors at Large (2 yr) – Eric Winkler and Shirley Campbell,Director at Large 1 yr – Ray Oberholtzer, Club Directors 1 yr each – Shawn Menard, Allen Lajoie, Briam Goddu, Bev Houle. We need to know by March meeting if you intend to run in your current position for another term.  Steve Lewis discussed and early season start date. As of now the season starts April 25th. Should we move it back to April 18th. Steve will send out e-mails regarding the early start date. Next meeting is: March 2, 2009, 7:00pm at The Yard Restaurant.

Motion to adjourn by Shirley Campbell @ 8:20pm. Seconded by Mark Barnard. Motion carried.

General Meeting March 2009

The Yard Restaurant, Manchester, NH In attendance: Ken Poulin, Brian Goddu, Sonja Snelgrove, Bev Houle, Paul Lessard,     Mark Barnard, Nick Green, Steve Lewis, Kevin Payne, Bonnie Watson, Eric Wrinkler,     Shawn Menard

Minutes motion Ken Poulin, seconded Mark Barnard. Motion accepted.

Budget: Will have for AGM. No problems.

NHSA : Sonja Snelgrove Competitive meeting at 8am on 29th. Any questions, Thoughts?

We have been willing to go with what they have been able to provide. Not having tournament would be a disappointment to the players if it isn’t held – Paul Lessard. Some clubs have stated that they would like to see a longer season. Sonja Snelgrove. GSYSL should have opponent from State for teams provided-Byron

What is the problem with us holding our final when we want? – Steve Lewis If we extend the season, we would have to let SUSC know.- Byron

Boys Competitive – Ken Poulin Nothing new. Some last minute changes made but no responses or comlaints received back.

Girl’s Competitive – Nick Green Nothing new. Echoed Ken.

Convention was good. Nice to see 1000 some odd people excited about soccer. Vendor looked like the same stuff that has been there all along.

Registration-Bonnie Watson Everything is fine. Just waiting for Jeff for payment and then release of information. Clubs have been notified that this is happening. (18 clubs). Several clubs still owing money.

Steve – Schedule is done and in hands of field coordinators.

Old Business:

1. Senior Division Club Pass Rule:  Club pass rule is in effect. There is the possibility of 17-18 y/o playing down on 15-16 y/o. Does this need to be addressed? Has this happened? Not to anyone’s knowledge. Suggestion to go to age breakdown so younger can play up but older cannot play down.- Mark  You could also have a team with all 16’s and one 17 which would be punishing the younger players. Consensus is to leave it alone.

2. Banner – SUSC Paul to contact SUSC about wording Motion from Eric to go no farther with banner. Seconded by Brian Goddu. Motion carried.

3. AGM-Brian and Shawn will be running again. Several others will also be running. Notification of those running will be placed on the web.

4. Need count of balls for 4 and 5. Kevin notified Byron and Paul of count.

5. Any changes needed to By-Laws/ Constitution need to be presented at AGM.

New Business:

1. College Scholarships- Have not received any applications for any as of this date. Deadline is April 19th.

2. Underprivileged scholarships-We have received 8 so far with deadline of April 1st.

3. Question of starting season a week early? Still too early to tell.

4. All board members should try to be at Kick-Off meeting by 6:00pm..

5. Mark Barnard says there are some towns looking to ensure that the teams playing on the fields have enough insurance coverage. He will be sending out an email to board meeting. No team should be getting their roster and schedule until they have registered with the state. –Byron. We need to be more aware of this and get the information from Rick Marion. Bonnie will be calling Rick Marion to ensure that everyone has been registered and paid the fee.

Motion to adjourn by Ken Poulin. Seconded by Kevin Payne. Motion carried.

General Meeting April 2009

The Yard Restaurant, Manchester, NH In attendance:  Byron Phinney, Pat Marchi, Paul Lessard Ken Poulin, Bev Houle, Ray Oberholtzer, Shawn Menard, Allen Lajoie, Steve Lewis, Bonnie Watson, Sonja Snelgrove, Eric Winkler, Brian Goddu, Mark Barnard, Shirley Campbell, Nick Green and Kevin Payne

Congrats to all re-elected

May meeting is the first Monday. June and July are changed.

Budget - Pat Marchi

1. Everything is ok.

2. Contact with guidance departments- notify them that we have a scholarship update.

3. Purchase for two new laptops and update antivirus. Need to come up with budgeted price. Ken and Brian to come up with specs for computer purchases. Motion by Ken Poulin not to exceed 2200.00 total cost per computer. Motion carried.

4. Issues from certain clubs that fees are due. If the clubs that are lacking have not paid by Friday, 4/10/09, the schedules will be revised and their games will be removed.

Registration – Bonnie Watson

1. Everything is all set for now.

NHSA – Sonja Snelgrove

1. Attended AGM. Turn out was very low.

2. Talked with Candia, about fall playoffs. Top two GSYSL teams to play themselves at playoffs.

Referees and Website – Steve Lewis

1. Majority of games have been assigned. Class held in Hanover with 16 new referees now available.

2. Website is good.

Maps – Ray Oberholtzer

1. All set.

Girl’s Competitive – Nick Green

1. All set.

Boys Competitive – Ken Poulin

1. All set

Purchasing – Shirley Campbell

1. All purchase due have been made.

Paul Lessard – Under privileged scholarships.

1. Approx. 70 have been received. Committee will be reviewing and give their recommendation.

New Business:

1. Board members have been asked to contact the guidance departments at different school and notify them GSYSL has a college scholarship that several of their students are eligible for.

Motion to adjourn by Kevin Payne. Seconded by Brian Goddu. Motion carried.

General Meeting August 2009

The Yard Restaurant,  Manchester, NH

Attendance:  Shirley Campbell, Nick Green, Steve Lewis, Paul Lessard, Eric Winkler, Ken Poulin, Ray Oberholtzer, Mark Barnard, Shawn Menard, Brian Goddu, Kevin Payne, Byron Phi nney

Guest : Chuck Espinolla

Purchasing:  Sirley Campbell

1.       Purchasing umbrellas for Jamboree to be given to coaches. These will be shipped to Chuck’s house.

Competitive Meeting-Candia Campbell

1.       No board member from Seacoast in attendance. Hoping to have online registration. Premier League is not recognized by NHSA. No NH teams made it to regional cup. Have made ruling that no rostered player may play more than two age groups up. 

2.       Open Cup: Most teams did not like single elimination setup.

3.       Presidents Cup: Region One recommends that this be played over Memorial Day weekend.

4.       Sonja mentioned to Candia that GSYSL could run our playoffs with the top 4 teams playing each other to move on.

5.       Suggestion made by clubs that Seacoast and GSYSL combine to make one league. It was also suggested that this new league be run by NHSA.

6.       Candia will be scheduling a soccer summit in Concord Nov 21.

7.       Sonja is out of town. Need someone to attend meeting. Paul will try to be there.

EDP-Mark Barnard

1.       All set. Preliminaries have been sent out.

2.       Has there been any feedback from new rules? None at this time.

3.       Need to let EDP coaches know that they can attend Kick-off meeting.


Jamboree-Paul Lessard

1.       Team count to attend the jamboree has been upped from 97 to 118 and t Now 118 and still climbing. Lots of small sided games have been requested. Need to limit the amount of games down to keep parking within the lot. Wait list has been created for teams that want to get into the Jamboree. At present we do not have a matrix to figure out how many teams we need to make scheduling work. Want to limit movement of games.  All entries are time stamped so that when teams are not allowed it will be validated. 

Paul will continue to work on the schedule.

2.        We still need to find out which Board Members are available when for the Jamboree.

3.        We may need additional tent due to the damage from high winds. Mark Barnard will bring his 10x10 EZ up.

4.       Under privileged Scholarshiips: Need a deadline on the web. At present we have 8 applications.  Suggested date is 8/21/09. Motion by Erik Winkler to make deadline for underprivileged scholarships be 8/21. Seconded by Chuck Espinola. Motion carried.

Next meeting is August 31st  along with the kick-off meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Shirley Campbell. Seconded by Erik Winkler. Motion carried.

General Meeting October 2009'

ATTENDANCE:  Brian Goddu, Nick Green, Sonya Snelgrove, Bev Houle, Byron Phinney, Paul Lessard, Steve Lewis, Ken Poulin

MINUTES:  Motion to accept by Brian Goddu, Seconded by Paul Lessard.  Motion carried

TREASURER:  Pat Marchi

1.  No report

VP OF GIRLS: Nick Green

1.   Nothing to report

VP OF BOYS:  Ken Poulin 

1.   There are several problems with a Merrimack coach who felt he was being pushed into Division 1.

2.   Ken spoke to Byron regarding improvement list on website and a deadline for team placement. Interaction with coaches is needed either by email or phone calls.  This will make the coaches interactive with team Division placement. Coaches need to keep in mind that the league can place a team in a division.  There is 1 club that has a habit of trying to play down to guarantee themselves a position in the Fall Playoffs. Once teams are placed in divisions, there should be 2 weeks to contact coaches and have them present their case.  Deadline is needed.  We should also send coaches an email if their team is going to be moved.  After the cutoff date there will be no modifications made.  Once an email is sent, they should have only a few days to respond and if they don’t, then we will assume that they are fine with their placement.

  REFEREES: Steve Lewis

1.      Nothing with scheduling.

2.      Referees – We had 1 referee who had a heart attack prior to a game.  We will send out more information as it becomes available.

WEBSITE: Steve Lewis

1.  NHSA is going to change their website to

2.  Bonnie should have administrative privileges to get rosters from NHSA. NHSA will get all rosters.   NHSA wants everyone to register on line with them.  We will still be able to register on our website.  The teams will register with us and the players will go through NHSA.

PURCHASING: Shirley Campbell

1. Byron needs a list for shirts and jackets again.  He will email everyone for sizes

NHSA: Sonya

1.  Sonya went to the last NHSA meeting and learned that they are changing their website.  The main discussion was about their budget and that there is not a lot of money. There is going to be a soccer summit this year on November 21st in Concord. They are looking for topics for discussion from GSYSL and the cost will be between $20 and $30.  GSYSL will pay for anyone who wants to attend.  NHSA also thinks that all leagues should run under them.

2.  Sonya also reported that the Rev’s tickets are going very well.

EDP: Brian Goddu

1.  All is well with EDP.  He feels that coaches with strong teams should be looking for other strong teams to play.

OLD BUSINESS:  Financial hardship forms were returned. Paul was disappointed with the response he got from some members regarding helping decide.  The ones that did respond were Ray, Paul, Eric, Sonya and Byron.

Money has been allocated all ready.  Bottom line $2757. of the $3000 was allocated.  There are 2 players in question due to 2 teams dropping from GSYSL.  Paul will finish up with this by October 6th.

FALL TOURNAMENT:  Coming up November 7th.  All games will be scheduled on Saturday and volunteers are needed.  There will be a few games under the lights.  The last game will start at 6PM.  Martha suggested that we get medals for the winners and finalists.  There will be a total of 1016 medals needed.  Martha will look at a company out of Nashua.  Paul wants to make sure that we get good medals, ones that will not break.  Byron will email a schedule to everyone.  We should ask candia where she gets the medals for the state tournaments.  We should also get trophies for the team and medals for the kids.

The Division III format will be winner will play the runner up for Division II.  Winner of that will play the winner of Division II.  Schedules will be posted on website.

NEW BUSINESS:  Coach observations are good.  There was a Tri-Town coach that needed to be watched at a Windham game.  Chuck went to observe. Running up of scores is out of hand.  Ken, Nick, Steve, Byron and Paul will send something out to the coaches.

MOTION TO ADJOURN;  Nick made the motion to adjourn at 8PM, seconded by Sonya.  All in favor.

General Meeting November 2009

Attendance: Paul Lessard, Steve Lewis, Pat Marchi, Nick Green, Shirley Campbell, Sonja Snelgrove, Ray Oberholtzer, Brian Goddu, Kevin Payne, Bonnie Watson & Eric Winkler

Motion to accept minutes by Shirley Campbell. Seconded by Ray Oberholtzer. Carried.

Budget: Pat Marchi 1. Get me your bills for payment if you have any.

2. Last years P&L given out for discussion.

3. What happened with the email where the game was suspended where parent vocalized something that was not liked by the referee. Game stands as decided. Didn’t affect standings

Girls Competitive: Nick Green 1. Nothing to report.

Boys Competitive: Ken Poulin 1. Phantoms would like to join GSYSL. They are unmerged from Classics. Presently associated with USYSL. Questioning what are the requirements to play in MA as well.

2. One email issue from Tri Town that needs to be dealt with about placement.

Scheduling and Referee Issues: Steve Lewis 1. Alleged report that a coach with cleats on stomped on 8 year old girl and this is being followed up by Byron Phinney.

2. Tournament games have been determined with who plays who but it is not able to be loaded onto the server for all to view. Attempt is being made to upload all information. The schedule sent out to the board is correct. Byron has decided that 1v3 and 2v4 format in divisions with 4 teams. All teams have been determined.

Registration: Bonnie Watson 1. Rosters are unable to be printed. Update roster can be made by Bonnie. Rosters will be collected.

Purchasing: Shirley Campbell 1. Shirley has a list of sizes for the shirts that were provided by Corey. Byron was suppose to send out an email to inquire as to sizes needed.

2. Martha has taken care of the trophies.

Maps and Directions: Ray Oberholtzer 1. Unable to make entries at this time to the web.

NHSA: Sonja Snelgrove 1. Problem with money. Attempting to balance books.

2. Play offs on Sat 11/14 in Londonderry.

3. Competitive summit 11/21/2009. One topic will be on league run by on organization (NHSA). Some of the balance sheets show several areas running in the red. Official agenda is on the website. Will be held at Concord High School 8:00-5:00. Cost is $10.00.

4. NHSA has all rosters from GSYSL.

5. GSYSL would like summaries or 2003 as to what has been addressed and accomplished.

EDP: Brian Goddu 1. Nothing to report. News that has trickled out has been positive.

New Business: 1. Fall tournament: Work schedule has been established. We need to have coverage. Weather is sunny and forties so far. Nov 7th : Start is at 8:00pm. 6:30am field setup. No contingency plan for weather or cancellation.

2. Paul has requested that the concessions stay late.

3. Items needed for be emailed to Kevin.

4. Eric has brought up an item that there are some coaches that are constantly instructing their players. Need to review in bylaws and review at next meeting.

5. Ken is looking for a schedule for the next season. Not available yet as this season has not been completed. Would like the actual detailed calendar. With new website the VPs will be able to open and move teams.

6. Steve Lewis from Byron Phinney presented that GSYSL has initiated 8v8 soccer several years ago. NHSA doesn’t seem to want to mandate that. Do we want to go ahead and go forward? Think about it.

7. No December meeting. January 2010 is the next meeting.

8. MA team that would like to play in GSYSL. Need to investigate further before approval is granted.

9. Shirley asked if the small child that got killed played soccer. Pat will check.

Motion to adjourn by Shirley Campbell, seconded by Bonnie Watson, motion carried. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Safe , Happy New Year.

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