GSYSL Referee Camp & IST In Service Training Information - Epping

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Camp Date:

Camp Registration

We highly recommend that GSYSL Referees with 0-4 years of experience attend the GSYSL Referee Camp annually.

For Referees with 1/2, 1 & 2 years of experience

Sat AM & Sat PM Sessions will include(in addition to the on the Field Training)an In Service Training Session - IST

For Referees with 3 - 4+ years of experience

Sun AM & PM Session will focus on:  

GSYSL Referee Camp Package

Any Referee may purchase a GSYSL Referee Camp Package(valued at $25)for $10 Package includes:

  • GSYSL Referee T-Shirt
  • GSYSL Referee String Bag
  • Fox 40 Referee Whistle 

PRE-ORDER ONLY by sending a check for $10 to: 

  • GSYSL Referee Camp Package
  • 122 Bridge St. Unit #1
  • Pelham, NH 03076

All pre-orders must be received by August 20th.  NO Orders or Payment will be accepted the day of the Camp

See GSYSL Referee Camp Registration Form at the bottom for details