GSYSL Senior Tournament Rules


Tournament Format

  • Tournament Format will be determined by the GSYSL Board each Season and posted on the web site
  • GSYSL Senior Tournament will be a 1 or 2 day event depending on the number of teams and divisions
  • All Teams must register a minimum of 30 minutes prior to their match at the designated registration spot at each venue

Rosters and Passes

  • Each team shall have a copy of their official GSYSL Roster present at the match site. No GSYSL match will be played without an approved stamped roster from each team. Failure to produce the proper documentation will result in this team's forfeiture of the match.
  • All teams shall have their laminated USYS Player Passes available at the match sight. Players without such laminated pass or with laminated passes that do not match the approved roster are ineligible to participate in the match.
  • Any coach, assistant coach, or any other team official must have a GSYSL approved coaches pass to participate on the team side of the pitch during the match. No team shall participate in a match without either an approved coach or assistant coach present on the team side of the pitch.
  • A team's roster shall be frozen on two(2) weeks prior to the last regular season game. No changes will be allowed after this date. This means that no eligible player may be added to the roster after the roster has been frozen.
  • Senior Division allow up to 22 (Twenty-Two) and Dress UP to 18 (Eighteen)
  • U14: Allow UP to 20 (Twenty) and Dress UP to 18 (Eighteen)
  • Players double - rostered in the same age group may only play for their PRIMARY team during the playoffs. For example a player rostered on a Div A team and a Div B team in the U14 age group may only play for the team that is his/her PRIMARY team. This applies when both teams are involved in the playoffs/league tournament. If a player is double rostered and their primary team does not make the playoffs, they may play for their secondary team. If a player is double rostered in 2 DIFFERENT age groups the player may play for both teams.
  • Club Pass Rule may be used for a maximum of three(3) players. Club Pass Players MUST be rostered on a GSYSL Team within your Club
  • Club Pass Players MUST have their player card available at Team Check In.
  • Please address all roster and player pass questions to Bonnie Watson - League Registrar at

Rules of Play

  • All event matches shall begin with an International Walk On.
  • All team members will participate in the International Walk On.
  • Teams not ready for play at the scheduled start time of any match shall be granted a ten-minute grace period. A minimum of seven players constitutes a team ready for play. Any team not ready to play after this ten-minute grace period has expired shall forfeit the match.
  • The home team shall be the team listed first. The visiting team shall have the choice of jersey colors. If in the opinion of the referee there is a color conflict, the home team shall change jerseys.
  • The GSYSL Operating Rules stated Rules of Play shall govern this competition.

Team and Team Officials

  • Maximum of 4 coaches/managers) will be allowed on the sideline. Parents and spectators will be on the opposite sideline. Team official identification passes will only be issued to those who are represented and approved by the GSYSL committee. Coaches will remain in the designated coach's box. Spectators will not be allowed on the team side of the pitch. Spectators will be the responsibility of the team’s head coach. Game Officials may stop the match until such time as spectators comply with the rules. Team Officials must possess an approved pass to be on the team sideline.
  • The assigned referee shall complete the GSYSL Referee Report form for all matches. The referee is responsible for completion of the form and for its submission to the event registrar. Each coach has the responsibility and right to verify the score with the referee at the conclusion of the match. The referee shall not be responsible to ensure that coaches verify the score. The Referee Report form shall constitute the official record of the match.
  • Each player shall wear an official uniform with a six-inch minimum size number on the back of the jersey. Numbers on the goalie jersey shall be optional. Duplicate numbers on any one team are not permitted to be worn by different players on this same team. Both teams must have at the match site alternate jerseys with a six-inch minimum size number on the back. In addition, each team must have alternate socks (light and dark sock), and all players’ on a given team should have matching colored socks.
  • The GSYSL representative shall receive the team roster, player passes and the coaches’ passes before each match. The roster and passes will remain in the possession of the GSYSL representative for the duration of the match.
  • Each coach is responsible for obtaining the roster and passes at match conclusion.

Length of matches - Overtime Periods - Ball Requirements

  • Preliminary Games - U14 shall consist of two 30 min. halves
  • Finals - U14 shall consist of two 35 min. halves
  • Preliminary Games - Senior Division shall consist of two 40 minute halves
  • Finals - Senior Division shall consist of two 45 minute halves
  • Extra (Overtime) Periods, if tied at the end of regulation time, will consist of two 10 min. halves, determined by the Golden Goal rule (game is immediately over when any one team scores a goal during any extra time (OT) period)
  • To determine which of the two teams in a drawn match after the completion of two equal extra (over) time periods of play shall be declared a winner; only the taking of Kicks From the Penalty Mark shall determine the winner.
  • Ball Size number 5 ball.
  • Should weather, darkness or any other reason preclude the continuation of the taking of kicks from the penalty mark, the kicks will be suspended until such time as the teams may resume. If the teams are unable to agree on a rescheduled date, time and place, or, if the Tournament Chairperson believes the rescheduled date would impact play (i.e., timing of subsequent matches requiring participation by the winner of the match), the Tournament Chairperson shall designate the date, time and place. This method of determination shall not be subject to a protest or appeal.
  • If the field complex provides viewing from the goal line, then the spectators must be at least 10 yards from the pitch. All efforts will be made to avoid spectators from viewing the match from directly behind the goal.
  • An unfinished match due to any cause shall be replayed providing, neither team is at fault and play has not begun in the second half. If play is stopped during the second ha1f and play cannot resume and provided neither team is at fault, the game may be deemed complete. Should play be stopped at any time without possibility of resumption due to one of the teams being adjudged at fault, the match shall be declared a forfeit by the team adjudged at fault. This committee shall make all decisions under this paragraph. Only the committee can decide if this game can be resumed or replayed.
  • After a team has been determined the winner, the match is over and will not be replayed under any circumstances.


Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times:
  • Substitutions shall be unlimited for all age groups.
  • There shall be re-entry for all groups.
  • Substitutes shall entered only at the halfway line.
  • On a throw in: If both teams have substitutes at the halfway line, ready to enter prior to the stoppage in play, both teams' substitutes may enter the field of play on either teams throw in, otherwise, the offensive team only can substitute on the taking of their own throw-in
  • Substitutes must be at the halfway line prior to the stoppage in play.
  • A substitute may only enter the field of play directly from the bench as a substitution if the referee has stopped play for a serious injury, and this substitute is a replacement player for the injured player
  • Prior to a goal kick, by either team.
  • After a goal.
  • After an injury, substitutions are unlimited by either team.
  • Half time
  • Except as otherwise provided herein, the rules of US Youth Soccer and the FIFA laws shall apply.

Player Ejections

  • If a player is ejected from any match, the player's pass, team roster and referee's report of the incident shall be submitted to the field registrar.
  • The minimum penalty for an ejection is that a player shall not be permitted to play in the next immediate match of a player's team. This penalty may be increased at the discretion of the GSYSL Chairperson.
  • If this player was ejected from the last game of his/her team’s season, then this player will not be permitted to play in his/her next season’s team’s first league game.
  • The LEAGUE ASSIGNOR will be notified of the player's ineligibility. The LEAGUE ASSIGNOR shall in turn notify the assigned referee for the respective team's next match.
  • If the team of an ejected player allows the ejected player to participate in the next immediate match, that team shall forfeit the match. The coach will be subject to sanctions by US Club soccer and the team's respective league officials
  • The GSYSL committee shall forward all ejected player passes to the team's respective league officials.
  • For the player’s safety, any ejected youth player shall be allowed to quietly sit on the end of their respective team’s bench (they should be instructed to remove, or cover up, their uniform jersey and to not participate in any way in the rest of the match from which they have been just ejected).

Coach Ejections

  • If a coach is ejected from any match, the coach's pass, team roster and a copy of the referee's report of the incident shall be submitted to the GSYSL Chairperson.
  • The minimum penalty for an ejection is that the coach shall not be permitted to participate in the next immediate three matches or, if that team has been eliminated from further GSYSL competition, the next immediate 3 matches of the ejected coach even if it involves a different team. The penalty may be increased at the discretion of the GSYSL Chairperson.
  • The GSYSL Chairperson shall notify the LEAGUE ASSIGNOR of the coach's ineligibility who shall in turn notify the assigned referee for the coach's next immediate match.US Club Soccer
  • If the ejected coach participates in any manner in the next immediate match, that team shall forfeit that match. The coach shall be subject to sanctions by the US Club Soccer.
  • The GSYSL Chairperson shall forward all ejected coach passes and referee reports to US Club Soccer
  • Due to the elimination of team or teams from GSYSL competition, and either an ejected player or coach does not serve the minimum penalty. The ejected player or coach may be required to serve the penalty in the next scheduled US Club Soccer/GSYSL competition. The GSYSL Vice Chair of Competitive and President of said teams’ respective league will make this decision. Regardless of any US Club Soccer involvement, the ejected player or coach will be required to serve the penalty in the beginning of the next GSYSL league season in which this ejected player or coach participates.


  • The protest must be communicated to the referee and opposing coach prior to leaving the game site (field of play).
  • The protest must be filed with the GSYSL Chairperson within 30 minutes of completion of the match in writing with the following:
  • The protest must be submitted in writing with a minimum of five (5) copies and must include full particulars of the grounds on which the protest is lodged.
  • Protests relating to grounds, goal posts, bars or other appurtenances of the game shall not be entertained if the referee has approved them. Judgment decisions of the referee are not subject to protest.
  • The GSYSL Chairperson in conjunction with GSYSL committee and US Club Soccer Officials shall resolve all protests and the decision rendered by the GSYSL Chairperson shall be final. Decisions concerning the GSYSL competition protests shall not be subject to review or appeal by or to US Club Soccer.
  • The GSYSL committee shall immediately upon receipt of a protest notify the team against which the protest is made and shall give a copy of the submitted protest and all particulars to that team, which will then have the right to defend its case.
  • Parents or lawyers shall not represent a team at the hearing of protest unless they are listed on the team's roster as a coach, assistant coach or team manager.
  • A plea of ignorance to the rules and regulations of the GSYSL is not sufficient grounds of protest.

Team Medals

  • Teams (both boys and girls) ending the tournament as the champions or finalists will receive GSYSL T-Shirts in all age divisions.

Other Matters

GK's wearing baseball-style

GK's wearing baseball-style, billed hats: It's the referee's decision/prerogative as to whether or not they deem this safe equipment. (GKs only).

Ineligible Players

Ineligible Players: Can sit out of uniform on their team's bench. Must clearly be "OUT of UNIFORM"


  • Knit hats and gloves: these items are not part of the normal uniform. Due to cold weather conditions, it shall be permissible to wear these items. Hats and gloves shall have no metal or plastic components (zippers, clips, snaps, etc.), or any unyielding surface, or loose or dangling parts which can harm another player. Knit hats and gloves must be black or consistent with uniform colors
  • Long pants (sweatpants or warm-up suit pants) will not be allowed. However long sleeve shirt, turtleneck and "under armour type leggings" will be allowed underneath the uniform jersey, but must be consistent with uniform colors.
  • Hooded sweatshirts will NOT be allowed

Coach's Technical Area

Starting 10 yds from the halfway line, and running no longer than 15 yds., and being a minimum of 1 yd behind the T/L, coaches will only leave their respective bench/technical area for brief moments to relay tactical instructions to their players, and then will immediately return to their own team's bench/technical area. They will not interfere in any way w/the Assistant Referee's ability to run his/her T/L, or to see all the way down their respective T/L, from corner flag to corner flag, nor will they enter the field of play w/o, and prior to, the referee's explicit permission to do so.


  • Spectator’s and parents need to note that, NO DOGS WILL BE ALLOWED ON ANY PART OF THE field, either loose or on a leash and all field areas will be a “SMOKE FREE ZONE”.
  • No Dogs are allowed on the premises

League Chair

  • The GSYSL Chairperson reserves the right of interpretation and application for any matter addressed herein or to set policy for any and all matters of the GSYSL competition not specifically addressed herein.
  • In the event of inclement weather resulting in cancellations the higher seed will move on or be declared the winner.
  • Any and all decisions of the GSYSL Chairperson or Committee are final not subject to protest or appeal.

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