Referee Incentive Program - League Referee Mentoring


Granite State Youth Soccer League is pleased to announce the following program

GSYSL Online League Mentor Report Form

The Purpose:

  • Encourage Experienced Referees to referee GSYSL games
  • Encourage All Referees to attend the GSYSL Referee Camp
  • Encourage Referees to meet Advanced Educational Standards
  • Implement a League Mentoring Program for GSYSL games
  • Reward Experienced Referees to Referee / Mentor GSYSL games
  • Set Standards for receiving incentives

GSYSL Referee Mentor Incentive Program

This is a reward system which Referee Mentors who participate in GSYSL Referee programs and referee a minimum of 15 GSYSL games each season.

You must submit your qualifications to the league assignor for approval prior to each season.

A form will be available on the web site

  • Level 3 Referee - A Referee with a "League Mentor Status" granted by the League Assignor.
  • Level 2 Referee - Grade 7 Referee
  • Level 1 Referee - Grade 6 or higher Referee and/or Certified Referee Instructor

All qualified Level Referees must also meet the following requirements:

  • attend the GSYSL Referee Camp as a league mentor
  • meet Annual Educational Standards set by NHSRC including 6 hours of annual IST's
  • attend Advanced Educational Training

Payment Schedule

For all games refereed (minimum of 15 games) with a corresponding Mentor report for all games

Level 1 Referee – will receive $10.00 per game

Level 2 Referee – will receive $7.00 per game

Level 3 Referee – will receive $5.00 per game

FAQ’s for the Referee League Mentor Incentive Program

Q. What is the purpose of this program?

A. Provide additional training thru the GSYSL Referee Camp, develop a league mentoring program for GSYSL Referees, retain referees and provide a higher level of referees for the league and reward referees who commit to training and mentoring referees for GSYSL.

Q. Why should a referee participate in the program?

A. The program will encourage referees to meet and exceed referee educational training, provide training standards & goals and reward referees for doing so.

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