League Overview

GSYSL consists of competiive Club/Town Travel Teams from ages U7/8 to U19.
  • U7/8/9 participate in the EDP Program (Early Development Program)
  • U10 thru U19 in GSYSL (Granite State Youth Soccer League)


The League consists of 2 seasons:

Fall and Spring - each season consists of a minimum of 8 games:
  • The Fall season includes a League Playoff and Finals Tournament in November for U12 - U14 teams. A U11 Tournament will be held the last weekend in October
  • The Spring season includes a Senior League Playoffs and Finals Tournament in June the 2nd weekend in June for U15 - U19 teams.

Club Requirements:

  • Each Club is required to provide a Club Registrar (responsible for registering both teams and players)and a Location Manager (responsible for assigning fields and times for league scheduled matches and determining field conditions and posting cancellation regarding weather events).
  • See Club Registrar's page
  • See Location Manager's Page
  • New Club Registration Form


  • All Club Officers, Club Registrar's, Club Location Manager's, Club Coach's, Assistant Coach's, Trainer's and Team Managers MUST register as User's on the GSYSL Web Site. User Login
  • ALL those club members (age 18 and older) with contact to players MUST register with Staff Background Check thru US Club Soccer. Contact Bonnie Watson GSYSL League Registrar

Age Group Formats:

Team Registration Dates:

Player Registration Dates:

  • Preliminary Rosters must be submitted via the US Soccer Web Site for ALL Teams
  • Fall Preliminary Rosters must be submitted by August 25
  • Spring Preliminary Rosters must be submitted by April 1
  • Player Age Matrix


  • The following changes have been made to the various age appropriate rosters These “guidelines” apply ONLY to GSYSL League Play
  • U10 and below (including EDP)Allow UP to 14 (fourteen) and Dress UP to 14 (fourteen)
  • U11 & U12 8v8: Allow UP to 18 (eighteen) and Dress UP to 16 (sixteen)
  • U13 & U14: Allow UP to 20 (twenty) and Dress UP to 18 (eighteen)
  • Senior Division : Allow up to 22 (twenty-two) and Dress 18 (eighteen)
  • Clubs and Coach’s are advised that an expanded roster size may require skills in recognition of game and player management. This is a club issue and should be addressed by and/or to your teams.
  • Please be advised that this is for GSYSL League play only, teams participating in tournaments or other competitions are subject to the roster sizes governing those events
  • Teams MUST have a Stamped Roster and a copy for each game

Player Cards:

  • Player cards are generated from the US Soccer web site once rosters have been approved and are REQUIRED for all teams U11 and above. Player Cards MUST be laminated.
  • Clubs are responsible for lamination of their cards. GSYSL will laminate your cards, however they must be brought or sent to the League Registrar to do so.

Coach's Cards:

  • Coach's cards are generated from the US Soccer web site once rosters have been approved and are REQUIRED for ALL Coach's U8 and above.
  • Clubs are responsible for lamination of their cards. GSYSL will laminate your cards, however they must be brought or sent to the League Registrar to do so.


  • The League will assign all U11 and above games.
  • All U10 and below games are assigned by the Home Club. The League recommends each club designate a Club Referee Coordinator to assign games and coordinate the development of referees from their club with the assistance of the State Referee Committee (SRC) and the designated SRC Area Referee Representative.
  • The league reccommends certified referees be used by the clubs for all U10 and below games as well.



  • Each season teams are placed into competitive divisions based on a combination of past season dated, team request and determinations made by the respective VP's of competition.
  • All division 1 teams are placed regardless of location.
  • Division 2 and 3 teams are placed and grouped by region whenever possible. Coach's may request placement out of region to ensure varied competition.
  • All competition is played within the grouped division.
  • Contact VP's of Competition for additional information.
  • Rules of Play see Rules of Play
  • Outline for Seasonal Division Placements
  • GSYSL Playoff Formats


  • The league schedules all game dates.
  • Game fields and game times are scheduled by the Home club Location Manager. See Location Manager Page for more details.
  • Clubs and teams are expected to be available for all game dates each season.
  • The fall season is structured with all U13 and U14 games as Sunday primary game day with the first 3-4 Saturdays as alternate game dates. U11 and U12 games as Saturday as primary game day with the first 3-4 Sundays as alternate game dates.
  • The spring season is structured similar to the fall season, BUT may include weekday evening games when applicable. Senior Division primary day is Sunday.
  • EDP games are Sunday primary dates and U10 are Saturday Primary dates. EDP Festival Dates are Saturdays. Both groups will have alternates dates. U10 and EDP are given more flexibility to for rescheduling between coach's.
  • Preliminary schedules will be available for club review approx 10-14 days prior to the schedule release. Final Schedules will be available Sept 1 (Fall) & April 1 (Spring)


  • EDP, U9 & U10 Rescheduling may be done between coach's. Once an agreeable reschedule is made send the both game informations to the league scheduler.
  • All U11 and above Rescheduling must be done according to the league rescheduling policy.
  • Cancellations and the Game
  • See GSYSL Policy on Game Rescheduling

Cancellation Policy:

GSYSL Contact Information:


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