Q & A regarding Player/Staff Registration w/US Club Soccer

Here are some questions and answers regarding Player/Staff Registrations: We will continue to bring you updates as we receive them.

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Player uploads
  • Q: Can I upload an entire team with a mix of returning and new players? Yes, but they will also have to upload POB’s as we will not know a returning player from new player since the data was not in the original upload by our web provider. If so, will the system "update" the returning player data to include their new jersey number?
  • A: Jersey numbers were not included in the data we received to import. If they upload now and have a column for the # it will show for players.
  • Q: If not, then is there a quick way to view the team and update all jersey numbers in one location? (Or do you have to open and view details for each player to change their jersey number?)
  • A: They can view the official team roster to see what #’s are uploaded. To add the # they would have to view details for each player.
  • Q: What are the steps to add a "double roster" player to a secondary roster from within our own club? (within our club, several players have agreed to play on the A team and also sub for the B team when needed).
  • A: Each time they add a player to the website they are issued a player ID#. Players can be moved from one team to another or they can make custom rosters in Team Management. Should they want to card a player to two teams within the organization that is possible, but they will have to pay for 2 player registrations if they choose this option.
  • Q: What are the steps to add a Double-roster player from another club?
  • A: Add the player. Don’t worry about the dual flag as USCS Admin will review. Dual registration between organizations under GSYSL has been approved to process without the need of an emailed approval for each dual registered player.
  • Q: Follow up on previous question: Will a player card print for the secondary team?
  • A: If they have added the player twice to the system for 2 player registrations once processed they will be able to print 2 passcards for each player ID#. OR they can move the player to the second team print his/her card for that team and team roster. Then move the player back to the original team. The second option would not charge them a second registration fee.
  • Q: On printing team rosters, the instructions say that some players might be labeled as having "No Card", under what circumstance does this occur?
  • A: If they have not requested the player membership for processing or the request is in processing and not completed yet by USCS. As quick as USCS Admin as processed the player membership the expiration date replaces the “No Card” or previous registration date. No valid birth cert on file? Other? Players uploaded by the data submitted by the league will not allow them to upload a POB as it is grayed out so USCS Admin knows the data was imported from the previous system. Should there need to be a name/DOB change to this data they will be required to send us a copy of the players POB in order to make any updates to the data. All players the organizations add now will need a POB uploaded in order for USCS Admin to process.
  • Q: Can the roster be printed if not all players have been issued passcards? If yes, does this mean that only those players with passcards are eligible to play?)
  • A: Players are not covered members of USCS if we have not processed their membership.
    One player will not hold up processing the team!

    All memberships for players will be processed when reviewed as long as we have the following:

    Team age group is correct with the players DOB

    Head Coach is currently carded

    POB is available (readable) to complete processing

    A note will be recorded in the notes section advising the reason a player is pending.
  • Q: When would I, the registrar, know that a player passcard is not available for a player?
  • A: The registrar who makes a player / staff passcard request receives an email announcement showing membership has been completed. USCS Admin leaves a Registrar Note for each player or staff pending so they know why and can reply to the note i.e. if a new POB has been uploaded.
  • Q: I am still unclear on the relationship of Staff Management, the printing of coach pass cards and Risk Management.

    What is the best/most efficient sequence of steps to get all of our coaches cleared for Risk Managment and pass cards printed? My understanding so far:
  • A: Under Staff Management tab, add all coaches not listed

    Under Team Management, create the teams not already there and assign the applicable staff

    Ask all current coaches to fill out the Risk Management application (no fee) under Resources->Staff Background Check? (the background check is run when passcards are requested in next step) Actually advise staff to fill out the application from the public website if organizations do not want staff to login. [ -> Registration -> Staff Background Check

    "Request" Staff Passcards under Staff Management Passcards/Delete Staff button and this executes background check if expired/new Once the passcard is requested USCS Admin will look for their background check to process.

    Print passcards when notified
  • Notification will be sent out shortly announcing that Coaches and Staff can begin filling out the Staff Background Check forms

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