Coach's Guidelines for Thunder and Lightning

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If you hear thunder or see lightning a game is to be stopped immediately (or not started if prior to kickoff) and there is a MANDATORY 30 minute waiting period from the last hearing of thunder or sight of lightning before a game may be restarted.

EVERYONE - PLAYERS, COACH'S, REFEREES and SPECTATORS should seek safe shelter until the game can be resumed, postponed or terminated

Here are some additional guidelines regarding Thunder and Lightning

  • If the coach's are willing to wait then the Referees are to wait however long is needed to play the game.
  • The Referee should not terminate the game unless the field is unplayable or both coach's have agreed to postpone/cancel the match.

Regarding the Game Score Submittal

  • If the game was canceled prior to the start - NO Game Score is Submitted
  • If the game was canceled anytime in the first half or prior to the start of the second half - NO Game Score is Submitted
  • If the game was canceld anytime after the start of the SECOND HALF- Game Score is submitted

Regarding Payment

  • If Referees have been payed and the game was started the Referees are entitled to keep payment
  • If Referees have not been paid and the game was not played Referees are not entitled to payment
  • If Referees have been paid and the game does not begin and the coach may asks for the fee to be returned - The referees are instructed to oblige