Club Pass Rule: (SPRING ONLY League in the Competitive Divisions U-12 & above)

Allows for up to 5 players to be written onto a team roster prior to the game as long as each player has a current and valid player pass and are a member of the same club.

For each "club pass" player participating in the game, all player data (matching the player pass) including name, address, date of birth, and player identification number will be written onto the game roster provided to the referee prior to the start of the game.

Teams shall not be allowed to have more than 18 players (U13 and above) 16 Players (U12) participating in any single game (including club pass players).

Players must meet age requirement of team and may not play up more than 2 age groups listed on their player pass.

Each coach should have in their possession copies of the completed USYS member form for all players prior to the start of the game for insurance purposes.

  • Club Pass rule is allowed for all U11 and below teams in both fall & spring seasons 

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