FAQ’s about GSYSL Referee

Q. Who can I contact about refereeing for GSYSL?

A. Steve Lewis GSYSL Referee Assignor - 5 Ferncroft Dr - Nashua, NH 03063 - - 916-877-5391

Q. How do I up sign up to referee for GSYSL?

A. If you are new to GSYSL you must first register as a user on the website.

Registration is now a 2 step process, after you register there is a 24 hr wait for you account to be activated. Then you can then log in and create your referee profile and fill out your availability for the upcoming season

  • GO to "Register as a User" link on the Site Menu on the left side of the home page.
  • Fill in ALL login information and Personal Information
  • Using the "Ctrl" key click on each "Role" If you are registering as a Referee ONLY- then choose REFEREE.
  • All other registrations require a club affiliation.
  • You MUST use the "CTRL" key while choosing multiple roles AND club Re-enter verification code Check the Subscription Box SELECT the appropriate *Group - Group is only selected when highlighted. To select multiple groups use the Ctrl key.To remove a group, use the Ctrl key.
  • Click on "Register Now" Box Registration
  • After Registration and Approval (within 24 hrs) you should log in and fill out your availability.

  1. Log in user login (Your Username: Your Password: ), then click Login Now
  2. This will bring you to the Granite State Member Menu, Click on the Referee's link under the Management Areas
  3. This will take you to the Internal Referee Page.
  4. Click on Create Referee Profile link, fill out all the information on the page (Referee Profile, Calander, and Locations.
  5. Then click "Submit"
  6. Please make sure you have filled in ALL the information accurately.
  7. Players/Coaches that referee list your GSYSL team information, you will be scheduled around your league schedule, IF POSSIBLE
  8. If you have any questions please contact Steve Lewis - GSYSL League Referee Assignor at or call 916-877-5391
  9. You must be a You must be a Current Certified Grade 8 or above USSF referee.

Youth Referees: Please remember it is YOUR responsibility to communicate with the assignor. If you expect me to assigned you a game, I expect you to be responsible for requesting games, managing your schedules, managing your availability and doing the job you are assigned to do. I will no longer assign games that are requested on your behalf.

Q. How do you become a USSF Grade 8 Referee?

A. There is a 2 day, 16 hour course that must be taken and a test that you must pass. The courses are given throughout the state during the winter and summer by NHSRC State Instructors.  Contact Bob Huston at for more information.

Q. How can I change my availability or edit my profile? A. You can change your availability or edit your profile by entering your Login: and Password: in the Login box. Instructions on How to edit my availability and Referee Profile

Q. How do I find my schedule on the GSYSL Web Site?

A. Login and click on Referees Link.

Q. How can I get additional games assigned to me after I get my monthly schedule?

A. Go to the No Referee Available page (this is a display, in real time, of all GSYSL open games needing referees), Games Needing Referees, select the games you want to referee, and copy and paste them into an email to Steve Lewis at . Make sure you update (open up) your availability (day and location) for the games you have selected before sending your game request to the assignor.

Q. How can I be notified of available games to referee during the season?

A. No Referee Available” will be used to advertise available games. You will find this by clicking on the Referee link at the website. At the bottom of the page click submit. There you will find a list of all games needing referees. This is in real time and is updated as e-mails or phone calls are received to request these games. Call or e-mail me if you are interested in filling a game. I will confirm the assignment by phone or e-mail. NO game will be assigned or taken without approval of the GSYSL Referee Assignor. Please update your availability for the game date and location you are requesting.

Q. How do GSYSL Referees get paid?

A. Payment is on the field. All referees will be paid on the field,  ½ pay by each team.  Know the amounts you are due based on the age group you are refereeing (see referee fees below). You are responsible to collect your fees prior to the game. If for some reason you were not paid on the field (this should not happen) contact me the within 24 hours of the match. THE LEAGUE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR REFEREE PAYMENTS. IF the teams have no referee fees, it is up to you whether you do the game!

  1. The Referee must contact 'Steve Lewis within 24 hrs of the game.
  2. The Referees will not be paid until the league collects the fees.

Q. How do I submit a game card online? All game cards for U11 and above MUST BE SUBMITTED Online'

A. In order to submit a game card you must:

  1. Have a game # from your referee schedule.
  2. Login to the web site (your login and password) click on “Referees Link” then the  Submit Game Card. Fill out the game card by entering the score, the conditions the player behavior and coach’s behavior and the names of the referees and submit.

Q. What if the coaches do not have the referee fees?

A. If for some reason you were not paid on the field (this should not happen) contact me the within 24 hours of the match. THE LEAGUE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR REFEREE PAYMENTS. IF the teams have no referee fees:

  1. The Referee must contact the League Assignor within 24 hrs of the game.
  2. The Referees will not be paid until the league collects the fees.

Q. How long are the games played in GSYSL?

A. Game Length:

  • U – 9 & U - 10 (6v6) four l2 min. periods.
  • U—11 & U - 12 - two 30 min. halves
  • U—13/14 - two 35 min. halves
  • Senior two 45 min. halves

Q. The Game Ball sizes?

A. The game ball shall be provided by the Home team according to the following sizes:

  • U-9 - U12 Size 4 ball.
  • All other age groups shall use a Size 5 ball, in accordance with USYSA rules of play.

Q. What are the rules for small sided games?

A. All Small Sided Games shall be governed by the USYSA rules of play.


A. If you think a game might be canceled do the following: First, check the “Discussion Group” at the website. Location Managers are supposed to post cancellations at this site on the website. Second, contact the Location Manager at the city you are scheduled to referee at. Location Managers information is available at the website by clicking on the “Contact List” link. Thirdly, contact the coach of the home team. Coaches’ information is also available from the “Contact List” link. If all else fails go to the field.

Q. What should I do if there is a Caution, Send OFF or Injury?

A. USSF Referee Reports are to be filled out for cautions / ejections or injuries only. One copy goes to NH State Referee Administrator (SRA) at and the other to the league referee assignor . Player cards taken for ejections MUST be sent to the league referee assignor immediately Steve Lewis 5 Ferncroft Dr. Nashua, NH 03063

Q. What do I do if I cannot referee an assigned match at the last minute (24 hrs) ?

A. It is your responsibility to find a replacement for a game you have been assigned and cannot make. PLEASE NOTIFY THE REFEREE ASSIGNOR OF ALL CHANGES. There is a Referee Contact List on the web available to all referees. You must log on and go to the Referee link. Click on “Referee Search Menu” and go to “Official Contact List.” You can locate referees by date and by location for availability. You must contact the referee assignor with the information on a replacement or substitution.

Q. How is a game handled when only 2 referees show for a game? A. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD A "HIGH SCHOOL 2 REFEREE SYSTEM" BE USED BY REFEREES DOING GSYSL GAMES. IF ONLY 2 REFEREES SHOW UP FOR A GAME THERE WILL BE A CENTER REFEREE AND AN AR. THE AR MUST WORK THE SAME SIDE OF THE FIELD BOTH HALVES. PAYMENT IS FOR 2 REFEREES, THE CENTER AND THE AR not 3. If there is one referee there is incentive pay for doing the game alone. See the payment schedule on the web site. The referees, if shorthanded MUST ask the coaches for a "Club AR." Any patched referee who helps out and takes a position as an AR is entitled to payment.

Q. How is a game handled if as I Referee I have only 1 or no Ar's

A. If one or more of your AR's do not appear for your match. You should ask the coaches if any of there are patched referees available, if so and they are AGE APPROPRIATE for the match they should be employed. If there are no patched referees each coach should be asked to provide a Club AR. If Club AR's are used be sure to instruct them on their duties which should be limited to assisting with determining if the ball is in or out of touch.

Q. What time should I arrive at the field for a game?

A. Referees should arrive at the field at least before 30 minutes. To inspect the field, check in players and discuss pre-game procedures.

Q. What is the procedure for checking in teams prior to a match? A. All U-11 and above matches the referee will check in teams based on a “Stamped State Roster” and “USYSA Player Cards”. All Coaches who wish to remain on the team side line as a coach MUST provide the referee with a USYSA Coaches Pass provided by the GSYSL League Registrar and be listed on the “League Roster”. All 6v6 and 8v8 matches: Players and Coaches are to be checked against a “League Stamped Roster”.

Q. Why should I look and dress like a professional referee? A. Because you are! You are being paid to do a job. That job requires that you come to the field dressed properly. LOOK PROFESSIONAL... SHIRTS TUCKED IN, SOX UP, NO JEWELRY, NO STRIPES ON YOUR SHORTS, UNDERSHIRTS SHOULD BE BLACK and SHOES SHOULD BE BLACK. Referee crews should wear matching shirts at all times. Be aware of the Goal Keepers shirts for the teams you referee. You should not wear or the keeper should not wear the same colors, if at all possible. Referees should adjust first, if you cannot, ask the keeper, this is not mandatory but should be accommodated whenever possible.

Q. What is the function of the GSYSL mentors?

A. These are senior referees/assessors who have been engaged by the league for the purpose of assisting , primarily, new and less experience referees in improving their officiating. Depending on their own schedule, the mentors will show up at your games unannounced and may stay for a portion of or the entire game. They will provide a feedback to all three game officials during the break or at the end of the game or at both. The mentors are there to help you to become a good referee and are your friends. Listen to them carefully and incorporate their suggestions in your future games. The mentors are not there to assess you.

Q. How can I request some help with my refereeing an assessment or mentoring?

A. GSYSL can provide a mentor or an assessor to either work with you or observe you if you are interested in becoming a higher level referee. Contact the League Referee Assignor for details.

Q. What can higher level or more experienced youth referees do?

A. There are opportunities for more competitive matches for aspiring referees. There are Fall GSYSL Playoff and Finals Matches, GSYSL Fall Tournament Matches, GSYSL Open Cup Matches , US CLUB SOCCER State Cup and US CLUB SOCCER CUP & US CLUB SOCCER NPL Matches.

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