Referee Guidelines regarding Thunder, Lightning, Weather Event or Delay

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Here are some guidelines regarding Thunder, Lightning, Weather Event or Delay

First - If you hear thunder or see lightning a game is to be stopped immediately (or not started if prior to kickoff) and there is a MANDATORY 30 minute waiting period from the last hearing of thunder or sight of lightning before a game may be restarted.

Regarding the Game Score Submittal

Regarding Payment

  • If you have been payed and the game was started you are entitled to keep payment
  • If you have not been paid and the game was not played you are not entitled to payment, unless the coach offers you payment, you may accept it
  • If you have been paid and the game does not begin and the coach asks for the fee to be returned - please do so and contact me after by email with the game information.

USSF Report

  • A USSF Report MUST be filed for any game postponed, canceled or terminated for weather related events, where the referee has accepted payment.
  • If no payment was received please send me an email with the details of the event include the game information as it appears on your schedule, the names of the referees who appeared and the event detais.