GSYSL Referee Fees

New Referee Fees for the Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 Seasons

U9 & 10 6v6 - $24 Referee

U11-12 - $40 Referee - each AR $25 - if only one referee $55  

U13-14 - $50 Referee - each AR $30 - if only one referee $65  

Senior Division - $60 Referee - each AR $35 - if only one referee $75

  • Teams are only required to pay for the referees who appear for the match. If there is a CR & AR they receive their normal fee and the 2nd AR fee is NOT collected. The CR has the option of employing a "Club Linesperson" from the home or visiting team who would not receive compensation unless patched and in uniform
  • If only one Referee appears then there is an incentive fee as listed on the fee schedule and again the CR may enlist the help of club lines

*All Referee Payments are made on the field prior to kickoff.
  • Each team is responsible for 1/2 to total fee per game.
  • Payment should be presented/accepted for ONLY the Referees in attendance.
  • Payments can be made by Club Checks or Cash. No Personal Checks
  • If payment is being made in cash please provide precise payments to make this transaction as simple as possible

U10 & U9

U9 & U10 6v6 - $24 Referee
  • For U9 & U10 6v6, the Home clubs are responsible for providing referees.
  • The fees are to be split by both teams.

EDP U7/8 Referees


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