GSYSL Weather Cancellation Policy

GSYSL Game Cancellation Policy and Reschedule Procedure due to weather event:

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          Cancellation Procedure:
          Reschedule Procedure:

In the event that a Location Manager must cancel a game/s due to field conditions (unplayable field by order of the City, Town, field owner or Referee) or a weather event that prohibits safe play, the following steps must be taken. Game cancellations are the responsibility of the Location Manager. Coach's do not have the authority to cancel a game without the permission of the Location Manager. Please keep in mind the travel time of your opponents in regards to the notification. Also, referees for U11 and above games assigned by the league are notified only by the posting on the Discussion Forum under Game Day Cancellations may be traveling a distance as well and are instructed to arrive 30 minutes prior to game time.

Cancellation Procedure:

  1. Host team MUST contact the visiting team coach via phone AND email. If a coach cannot be contacted then contact a Location Manager or Club Officer of visiting team.
  2. Location Managers MUST post the cancellation on the GSYSL Discussion Forum under Game Day Cancellations. If games are canceled and not posted, the host club will be responsible for all referee fees.
  3. Host team MUST contact the League Chair AND the League Scheduler via email to notify of game cancellation.
  4. Visiting teams MUST check the Discussion Forum under Game Day Cancellations prior to departing for an away game when weather is a concern.

It is also recommended that the traveling coach contact the home coach, location manager or club admin prior to leaving in inclement weather.

Please remember the Discussion Page has a separate registration (username and password may be different than the one you use for the GSYSL site).

Reschedule Procedure:

  1. Host team coach must initiate a reschedule agreement with the visiting team coach within 48 hours of game cancellation. Host and visiting coaches must find a mutually agreeable DATE, TIME and FIELD for the make-up game.
  2. Host coach and Location Manager must ensure that a rescheduled game date and time allows the league 72 hours to assign referees.
  3. Host Location Manager must forward the complete make-up game information to the League Scheduler.
  4. Rescheduled games will be posted on the web schedule.


  • Games canceled due to anything other than unplayable field conditions or an unsafe weather event cannot be rescheduled without consent of the League Chair.
  • Games canceled and/or rescheduled but not sanctioned by the league will not be recognized by league standings.
  • Games canceled and/or rescheduled but not sanctioned by the league will be subject to forfeiture fines and all referee fees incurred (applicable to host club).
  • Games suspended during the 1st half of play will be rescheduled and replayed from the start.
  • Games suspended in the 2nd half will be considered a played game. The score at the time of suspension (2nd half) will be recorded.

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