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Coaches Code of Conduct

I will make every effort to directly address any issues relating to a player (i.e. regarding performance, stature on the team or areas of improvement) as presented to me by a player. In addition, I will make myself as accessible as possible to any player.
I acknowledge that individual playing time, game strategy and the starting line-up will not be up for discussion and will be based primarily on each individual player’s ability, fitness, openness and attitude to the start of a game, as well as practice performance and attendance.
I will to the best of my ability work to establish as positive a developmental environment as possible.
I will make every effort to encourage each child to support all team activities prior to and during the season as it relates to developing the spirit of the team.
I will encourage each child to treat all other players, coaches and referees with respect by showing positive support and will not verbally or physically abuse any officials, coaches or players at every game and practice.
I understand that I am responsible for my own actions as well as those of players and parents.
In the spirit of the game I will not run up scores unnecessarily.
I have read and understand the GSYSL rules regarding forfeits and rescheduling of games.
  1. Once the schedule is posted NO Changes will be considered (except under extenuating circumstances). Requests must be submitted to the appropriate Vice Chair of Competition for consideration and approval after consultation with the league scheduler.

  2. Unless an authorized change to the schedule has been made, any team that fails to appear for or play a game shall forfeit. The opposing team (11v.11) will be credited with a 1-0 win for standing purposes.

  3. Fines for forfeited games are as follows.
    • League notified 7 days prior to game day will incur a $100.00 fine (to be distributed to opposing team that lost the opportunity to play.

    • League notified within 7 days of game day and prior to 24 hours of game time will incur a $250.00 fine, (of which $100.00 will be distributed to the opposing team that lost the opportunity to play).

    • No League notification and failure to play a scheduled game the forfeiting team shall pay any referee fees incurred by the League as well as the $250.00 fine to be distributed as stated above.
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